Wednesday, September 24, 2008

David Eckstein - Master Negotiator

After the city of St Louis offered David Eckstein an epic hand job Wednesday night, the diminutive infielder tried to make nice about leaving for Toronto. Eckstein stated the only reason he signed with the Jays was misinformation:
Even how I got to Toronto was because someone wrote something that wasn't true — that I was willing to consider a one-year. That's when they called. I had never stated that.
So, Davey left his beloved Cardinals because word falsely got out that he was willing to consider a one year contract, killing the Cardinals interest? I find this very difficult to believe. Eckstein is widely considered one of the good guys, but somehow this rings hollow. Is he simply placating the dedicated Cardinals faithful by saying it was all out of his hands? Does this reflect poorly on the Jays, or just Eckstein?

I don't think it reflects poorly on the Jays, if anything it makes JP look like a shrewd businessman that jumped at a good deal in theory. The reality is JP offered Eckstein something nobody else would; the chance to play shortstop every day. A promise that could only (and of course did) end in tears.

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