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Friday, August 22, 2008

Not Biting

Nope. No matter how many times the Jays storm the castle against Prince Ponson. No matter where they rank in ERA (first), runs allowed (first, the only team under 500), or bullpen ERA (first again).

No matter how much better the offence has been (appreciably), no matter where that offence is coming from (MAC!), no matter how banged up the Red Sox are (scabby), no matter how much disarray the Yankees are in (dizzying). I will not get involved in any LAYOFFS! talk for for three more weeks. I am promising this to myself more than anyone else on Earth.

  • I'm sure that everyone has seen the LOLJays site. Humorous as it is, the poor guy seems to have run out of either material or time. I propose he start doing LOLswingz. Pictures of Major League batters feebly waving at Roy Halladay's nasty, unhittable shit. Poor Johnny Damon had a good series, yet was made to look so bad by both Burnett and Halladay. So there you go Harold, bring the lulz.
  • Will Rain of The Southpaw does more excellent work, this time crunching prospective payroll numbers for next year.
  • Billy Beane has decided that left-handed shitballers are the new fat walking guys
  • Obviously it is dependent on the Mets' club option, but I am all for breaking the bank for Carlos Delgado.
Enjoy the Jason Bay Canadorgy, I'm WoWing this weekend, stop buy and up the mirth.