This used to be a blog. Then it wasn't a blog. Now it probably still isn't a blog. Because who blogs? 

Below is an old manifesto of the kind of stuff you can expect from Ghostrunner on First. My name is Drew and this is my site. Email me here if you have a question, comment, or profanity-laced tirade you'd like me to see. Or follow me on Twitter and do the latter with an audience.

Founded in 2008 on the guiding principles laid out below; this site is something of a personal one. No game recaps, no game threads, few previews very little breaking news. Look for analysis and insight from a very particular viewpoint. Charts and graphs are excellent ways to convey information and we like to use them as such. Advanced baseball statistics are fascinating and we use them liberally.

We get really excited about inconsequential players (with potential!), probably too often. Fake and/or made-up words appear quite regularly, if you're new here you just have to roll with it.

Ghostrunner on First is, before anything else, a Toronto Blue Jays blog. We live by the Blue Jays, we die by the Blue Jays. We try to keep that love from getting in the way of the our true enjoyment of baseball. Wins and loses are important, but the action on the field is what keeps us coming to the park.
If you are looking for rearranged AP game recaps sprinkled with curse words; you've come to the wrong place chump. What the games mean, how they make us feel, and having a good time at the expense of the personae you think you know and love are what you'll get here.

We may hate the idea of the opposition, that won't stop us from appreciating awesomeness when we see it. No matter what jersey it comes dressed in.
We also love numbers. Far from sabermetricans, we do realize that the vast array of stats available to baseball fans help us differentiate between what we see and how things really shake down. That's important, because we tend to get a little riled up.

We love defense, we love pitching. We hate scrap, hustle, and heart. If I wanted to watch a bunch of guys "trying hard", I'd watch Men's league at the local dust bowl. I want to see something special. And I want to have a good time doing it.

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  1. great to see this back!.... no Podcast...no problem,...great reads ...


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