Saturday, May 15, 2010

This is What I Know About Being Gigantic

Though I promised a Character Assassination earlier this week (and will deliver soon enough), taking time out to recognize greatness is always a good idea. The Jays may have scored a million runs last night against a parade of ineffective Rangers hurlers; but the turning point of the game — nay, the fate of the franchise — came in the third inning.

If you or anyone you know called for Travis Snider to be sent down, watch this. If you expressed concern over Travis Snider's ability to handle a big league fastball, read on. If you worried Travis Snider may not be ready now or ever, give your head a shake and scroll down.

Travis Snider turned in an amazing at bat against a hard throwing Rich Harden. An amazing 11 pitch at bat. He fouled back fastballs inside and up in the zone. He handled 4 straight fastballs, then fouled back a tough slider, then fouled off ANOTHER fastball before turning on a change up down and in.

At bats like this are the reason he gets so much rope. At bats like this are why platooning him with the likes of Jose Bautista drives people to drink. Travis Snider is a professional hitter. Please to enjoy below.

Travis Snider will violate your spouse of significant other

Saying "Travis Snider Comes Alive" is slightly inaccurate, as Snider's turned in great at bats for weeks now. He showcases his incredibly strong hands on a near-daily basis, flicking the bat through the zone to cover offspeed junk. He'll still get tied up by a decent fastball up and in, but Travis Snider can hit like very few, and it's a pleasure to watch him evolve and improve. Exciting even. So exciting I'm throwing in the Gameday version of the at bat. Wheee!

Travis Snider is the king of all creation

Good stuff via Brooks Baseball, Gameday, and Crack of Dawn


  1. You're preaching to the choir, dude.

    Travis Snider is such a bad man that he really should be incarcerated.

  2. yeah. OPS+ of 120. hitting .293/.341/.573 over the past 28 days.

  3. Is there an official Snider fan club yet? I never lost faith in him, he is the future! Great post! Laughed my ass off at 'swoon!'

    I realized watching the clip when I saw the snap throw for Lewis, I left my apartment in the middle of this at bat... missing the home run by minutes. I think my personal life is getting in the way of my Baseball.

  4. Thanks for that link. I saw it live and badly wanted to see that at-bat again.

    The middle of the order will be scary next year. And I mean the fun, roller coaster scary, not the bad, I-bought-Greek-municipal bonds scary.

  5. The middle of the order will be scarier in 2012. 2011 will see bad-Vernon and rookie-Wallace. But 2012 with Hill-Lind-Snider-Wells-Wallace should be supreme.

  6. All I have to say is: Never in doubt!

  7. The future continues to look brighter with each passing week. If this continues the whole contending thing might actually be a real possibility instead of the hopeful pretend one we've been talking about for the past several


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