Friday, October 15, 2010

Into the Void

Taking a quick look at this space — and others like it — one can quickly surmise that absolutely nothing is going in the Blue Jays world. During the opening playoff round it was easy to distract ourselves, but the intermidable break before the league championship series...

Frankly, I find myself going somewhat crazy. I got to thinking about Jose Bautista and Marc Rzepcyznski (AFLFTW!) and next thing I knew I was reminiscing about the final series against Minnesota. And guess what? IT SEEMS LIKE IT WAS THREE LIFETIMES AGO.

There is a better than average chance I was completely losing my shit yesterday. Idly flipping through pre-season basketball and what I'm lead to believe was "regular season hockey." I shook and quivered. It wasn't pretty.

The epic matchup of Tim Lincecum and Roy Halladay on Saturday would be an excellent way to sooth my pain, were I not attending a wedding and unable to watch. This, I believe, may just increase my pain to intolerable levels.

In the mean time, we must busy ourselves with post-season roundtables featuring me and other, more insightful people and the hardest working baseball blog in the business, Getting Blanked. Parkes does a yeoman's work while I just show up a couple times a week to bore everyone to tears.

Enjoy baseball this weekend, each game brings us closer to the end. I'm 100% unprepared, there's a great chance it ends in tears.


  1. Winter is the summer of our discontent

  2. I would love to see a column on exactly how Cliff Lee decided he would no longer walk anybody, but keep striking them out. Seems like something to take a couple of hours on. But maybe you don't give a crap about Cliff Lee.


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