Friday, July 15, 2011

DFAja Vu

  • Dana Eveland, 2010: 44.2 innings pitched, 4.23 K/9, 5.25 FIP, 0.1 WAR.
  • Jo-Jo Reyes, 2011: 105.2 innings pitched, 5.20 K/9, 4.54 FIP, 0.7 WAR.
I think it's important to realize Jo-Jo Reyes isn't the worst pitcher in the world. He's simply a bad pitcher. Lots of teams employ bad pitchers on a regular basis.

Luckily, our Toronto Blue Jays have zero need to continue employing a bad pitcher of this stature. There are other, less-bad pitchers ready to step back into the fold. Bad pitchers who might not throw with their left hands like Jo-Jo but bad pitchers who are younger and gingerer and not nearly as soul-destroying as Jo-Jo "Pitch to the Score" Reyes.

Is Litsch ready? It won't be long yet. When I somewhat trollingly asked if Litsch was better than a single member of the Jays pitching staff, I didn't take Reyes ugly numbers into proper perspective.

Reyes has two strikeouts in 17 innings in July, which is insane. Though he only conspired to walk 6 in that span, his line drive rate is 27%, much higher than his rate for the entire year. In short - he's getting rocked.

Though the allure of flipping him for something — anything — is obvious. I simply fail to understand the value of continuing to trot him out as if he's a worthwhile American League starter. Does AA really think the Dodgers are going to trade with him again?

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  1. Greg W @coolhead2010July 15, 2011 at 11:06 PM

    When you, Drew Fairservice, find Jesse Ginger a better #5 option in the rotation than a current member of the rotation, surely the DFA clock is ticking.

  2. While this is spot on, its nothing insightful fans haven't known. I cant blame AA for a reclamation project of sorts, clearly the pitching coaches, Feral etc had some say in this thinking they could work with Johoe as well, it hasn't worked out. No harm, no foul they will continue to trot him out there the rest of the season in hopes of type B status and move on. I suspect he will be the last of the "josh towers" types this team needs to take a flyer on for some time. That in itself is the silver lining.

  3. Yeah I think AA is hell bent on Jo-Jo Reyes becoming a good starter since he was part of his second big trade (1st being the Doc Deal). And exactly, Jo-Jo seems to pitch to the score and does just well enough to survive the next start. Unfortunately I think he's sticking around this year since Villanueva will be shutdown at some point. But then again is Brett Cecil a much better option at this point? The Jays have too many soft tossers (Mills, Cecil, Reyes, Villanueva, Stewart) in a division where they don't consistently have any success.

  4. Well sir I think your post is misleading, this year was about trying to see what we have. I don't think its fair to post what you have without saying "hey its a byproduct of circumstance rather then by design.

    Its nice to have 1-2 lefties in the rotation to break up the righties and you have to have 1-2 pitch to contact / control pitchers to break up a power pitching rotation. For arguments sake, you cant send Rickie, Marrow, Drabek and 2 other hard throwers out there in a row, teams get comfortable so u keep them off balance.

    Charlie V isnt in the long term plans but he just gave us a nice trade chip or back to the bullpen arm (more value in trading him now) what more do u want from the Young (26) yr old? guys been very solid!! AA was trying to see if there was something more to be found with Jo-Jo, if he would of turned in a solid season do u know the trade value of a nice lefty right now?! Huge!! Mills, trade chip, Stewart same thing although you cant say 2-3 starts this year we're pretty damn solid. Cecil will come around and has the potential (shown last year) to win 15 games and to win vs the Yanks, vs Boston. Its a process but there is no denying the frame work is there.

  5. We see you, Carlos Villanueva.


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