Thursday, February 11, 2010

Now. Now is the Time.

The search for the ultimate fifth outfield drags on. And on. No matter how irrelevant The Player, somehow his name becomes attached to the Jays. Fears of a lefty dominant bench and field run rampant, so Anthopoulos and friends drag up any old name.

One name, the name of a right-hand hitting outfielder is still out there. A man that crushes lefties, hits for power and can play all three outfield spots. A man named Rocco.

What is there to lose? The more at bats he steals from Jose Bautista the better we'll sleep. Of all the unfriendly acts perpetrated against the fans of this fine baseball team this year, one good deed might go a long way.

Well, it isn't really a good deed in most eyes. But my eyes would sure appreciate it. Think of the exposure! You really can't lose.

Think of it this way: Rocco is, at his worst, half as shitty as Kevin Gregg. And three times better than Joey Gathright, Jeremy Reed, Jose Bautista, and Endy Chavez combined. You can't lose!

So do it Alex, do it for the children (mine.) Do it for the potential children/future fans (more of my offspring again). Do it because humility doesn't grow on trees and style isn't a function of tree trunk-legged future studs. Do it because it might make somebody happy. There won't be too much of that in your neck of the woods Alex, a little joy is a good thing.


  1. If this happened would you stop screaming for joy by the time the season started. Would you fist pump in your sleep? Would you get all fan-boy and show up early to a game to try and get an autograph?

  2. I heartily endorse the continuation of Rocco's peregrination around the American League East.

  3. While I'd love to see here, AA seems to be looking for a lefty platoon partner for Gathright - hence Gathright, Reed, Branyan and Chavez. Without one, our bench will be righty dominant - JMac, Chavez, Ruiz, McCoy.

  4. Drew, not sure if you saw it, but Dave Allen bombarded readers with some awesome analysis on Aaron Hill this week. Especially in the comments section of the second article.

    Are you able to produce similar contact charts? I'd love to see an analysis of Vernon - especially the foul ball analyses.


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