Friday, March 19, 2010

Parole Player

Randy Ruiz is so fucking close to freedom he can almost taste it. Brian Dopirak? Talk to me in ten years, it's Ruiz o'clock all over this motherfucker.

Unfortunately, due to Clarence's involvement, this victory for Randy Ruiz likely qualifies as Pyrrhic. His lifetime of toil should net him a nice spot nailed to the end of the Blue Jays bench. This is The Manager's show, after all. Ruiz might squeeze in some tidy ABs against the Jon Lesters and David Prices of the world, but our hopes should not rise too high.

But then again, let them rise. I'm not one for sappiness, but Randy Ruiz on the Opening Day roster of a major league ball club (even the Jays!) is a triumph for the little guys and the fat guys. The old guys and the slow guys. More than anything, it's a triumph of the clear-eyed future of the Blue Jays.

The Jays don't care about his pedigree or his spotty drug record, they'll let him fill a gap all the same. He may not be any great shakes with the glove, but they'll run him out there and get the most out of his divine bat.

So let's put it to a poll: just how much action might Randy Ruiz see this season with the big club? Offer your shots in the dark community projections in the comment section if you're so inclined. The poll will run for a couple weeks in the sidebar, too. Let's have fun with the Ruiz era, that's all it will ever be.

How many PAs for Randy Ruiz in 2010?

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  1. Sign me up for the special edition Randy Ruiz wristwatch where it's always Ruiz O'Clock!

  2. It only has one hand and it always swings!

  3. The Jays have nothing to lose buy giving this guy a legitimate opportunity. I suspect he will not be great, but I think it is important to find this out, because there is that small chance that he might be.

  4. Just a quick update: the in-post poll actually works now. Thanks google!

  5. He will probably see more bench time than he should (Jose Bautista being BFF with Cito, despite his .230 average) but hopefully Cito decides to retire early, maybe with a bit of a nudge from AA.

  6. The McGowan/Morrow news really tempers a feel good spring. Harsh reality bites.

    btw, How does one tell if Houston is fielding an "A" team or a "B" team?

  7. Considering that he had a torn labrum I am profoundly encouraged by McGowan's 88mph dose of reality. Pitchers can come back from this injury but its quite rare.

    People may be familiar with this injury (I'm no expert), but here's a good article on it:

  8. Encarnacion or Ruiz? That is the question.

    With Randy as DH, Bautista at 3rd, Lind, Hill, Snider, Wells, Overbay, Buck and Gonzalas I believe we are stronger than:

    With Lind at DH, Encarnacion at 3rd, Bautista in RF, Hill, Snider, Wells, Overbay, Buck and Gonzalas. Particularly - because Edwin's injury is to his wrist - and wrist injuries SAP POWER big time.

  9. If you want to play Lind in LF, do it at the expense of Bautista, not Encarnacion.


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