Friday, March 5, 2010

Spring Malaise

It's your fault, fucking up the kids

It could just be I'm a little busy, or that I spend so much time wrapped up in the online baseball world anyway; but the start of Spring Training hasn't moved my needle one iota. Perhaps I'm just insulating myself against a summer of losing, scuffling, uninspired baseball played by green kids and two year stop gaps, I just don't care.

I don't care about the 30 or so arms they've brought in, I don't care about Edwin Encarnacion's wrist or Vernon's delusions of grandeur, I don't care about Brandon Morrow's arbitration clock or giving back Zech Zincola for nothing.

Blame Clarence, blame boring writers cluttering my mind and Twitterfeed with trivial news bites and lineup minutiae, blame the Olympic culture bomb, blame poor, unfortunate Rocco, or blame my dissatisfaction with all the swashes being buckled on Lost. Just wake me when actual baseball starts. Until then, I've got 2 feet of snow on my front lawn and a persistent, hacking cough that no amount of 25 man rosterbation can cure.

One Surefire Contributing Factor

Call me sappy and sentimental if you will, but any Roy Halladay news item that splashes in front of my face instantly gets my full and undivided attention. Read this post I wrote for Walkoff Walk a few weeks ago, then consider this quote from CC Sabathia on our once and future King (courtesy of Todd Zolecki):
"I think it will be a pretty easy transition for him," Sabathia said. "He'll like facing the 7-8-9 guys in the National League. The type of pitcher he is, I expect him to go out and be even better than he was with the Blue Jays."
Remember when CC Sabathia pretty much demolished the National League for 3 months in 2008? Halladay is going to do that for 3 years. Hopefully the Phillies are wise enough to trade Ryan Howard before it's too late.


  1. I'll admit it, this is the one aspect of Halladay on the Phils that excites me. The numbers he could put up...? I'm dreaming of an ERA that starts with the number 1 and a no fly-balls inning streak that makes it into the 20s.

  2. Drew, you big tease. Why should the Phils trade Howard?

  3. 2 feet of snow. Are we neighbors?

  4. Oh man. I love Botch.

    Also, how can you not be excited by a grand slam by future 2010 American League Most Valuable Player Randy Ruiz?

  5. Noooo! If the Phillies trade Ryan Howard, who will hit multiple homers every time I go to Citizens Bank Park?


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