Thursday, February 17, 2011

Key Thursday Thoughts

While I attempt cobbling together something worthwhile to say about the Jose Bautista situation (which itself pushes other projects like compiling more projections further down the list) I think it is important to pass off one key tidbit of information.

The tweet you see above, from the Toronto Star's Richard Griffin, is perfection distilled to 100 characters. Satire is now officially dead. I love it.


  1. Dude loves himself some Streisand.

  2. Mmm. At least he's invoking Barbara Streiand and Baryshnikov as opposed to Katy Perry and Bieber.

  3. This is in the same world where Grisham giving Franzen an award is like Stravinsky giving Dog the Bounty Hunter a sponge bath.

  4. I was totally unaware that Griffin did PR for Barbra Steisand before moving on to a role on the extreme periphery of baseball.

  5. all of the people complaining of having "never heard of arcade fire before" need to get out from under their respective rocks.

    they were nominated for best alternative album in 2005.


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