Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Nightmares Fueled by Real Life

For no apparent reason today, I thought/daydreamed of the fateful day in June when Roy Halladay makes his return to Toronto. Specifically the video tribute and its aftermath. The build-up is pretty funny to think about: Jays PR staffer lisases with Phillies PR staffer, they fight to the death. Winner humbly approaches Halladay with the Jays desire to honor his legacy. Halladay glares, unblinking, for 348 seconds. PR staffer pees pants, waits for reply. Halladay relents, P.R. flak resigns and joins the Peace Corps.

My mind's eye kicked my tear ducts in the balls by presenting me with images of the actual scene. Imagine all the current Jays standing on the top step; applauding the former ace. The crowd, slowly rising to their feet as they realize what's going on. Half watching the screen, reliving moments of individual greatness that will live much longer that a handful of 80 wins seasons in the hearts of minds of those present.

The other half crane their necks as the reluctant star emerges from the alien visitor's dugout, doffing his hat and waving to the now-roaring crowd. The Phillies players, generally going about their business, stopp to appreciate their new ace and what he meant to his former home.

Then he'll sit back down in the dugout and the game will go on. And that will be it. It might end up worse if he gets a start in Toronto; no way is Roy Halladay breaking character to wave to the adoring throngs when his brain is consumed with the best places to throw a cutter to retire Vernon Wells.

Images courtesy of Reuters via Daylife and Texas Finn via Flickr.


  1. You have to think that Roy Halladay would have a lot fun pitching against some of these old teammates.

    Cutters on the black for the whole lot of them.

  2. If Wells gets a ball out of the infield I'll be shocked.

  3. I'd love to see an Adam Lind vs Doc matchup.

  4. Jays hitters vs Doc would probably be an evenish match. They've all seen what he does so many times they would know a lot a his sequences and preferences in certain situations. Hopefully we get to see it happen.

  5. Hey Mattt, no offense, but you're out of your god-damned mind.

    I wonder if Vern will do his patented "GODDAMNIT" if he's lucky to foul one off. He risks death by Halladay for showing such disrespect to the at-bat.

  6. @ Ack: I guess we'll have to hope we get a chance to see it happen. I'm not going to argue that Vernon=Doc, but I think the Jays have an edge as they've seen him so many times and there would be a comfort factor as well.

  7. By edge I mean against other teams, not an edge on Roy...

  8. Sometimes, a pitcher is just so good that it doesn't even matter.

    Exhibit A - Mo Rivera. Cutters on the black. Everyone knows it. Rivera knows that everyone knows it. But it doesn't matter.

    Now take that cutter and mix in the 2-seamer and curveball.....ah fuck. Now I've got the Halladay Depression again. GODDAMNIT!

  9. You make a pretty good point. Rivera Is the exception to the one pitch pitcher though as he throws a hard slider/cutter with perfect location. He throws to both sides and in and out of the zone so he keeps you guessing. Even though you know what's coming, you don't know where. He's also only pitching one inning so you don't get him again three times with a chance to adjust.

  10. If Doc pitches on the Friday, it's over. He was 7-0 on Flashback Fridays with an ERA under 1.00.

    Who's your daddy? Clap clap, clap clap clap.


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