Friday, January 15, 2010

This Should Smooth Things Over

Poor Jeremy Accardo. The Blue Jays own Disgruntled Goat himself, desperate to be free of The Manager's pwnership, now stares down the barrel of an arbitration hearing.

Seems Alex Anthopoulos isn't as arbitration-adverse as his predecessor. Not that he's looking to get into blood feuds with his employees over their relative value, but putting strict timelines on negotiations sure puts the specter of lawyers in the front of the players' minds.

These hearings often devolve into knock-down, drag out affairs. The team goes out of their way to paint players as either replaceable or downplay their contributions, especially when valuable counting stats are otherwise absent.

Which brings us to Angry Accardo. Jerked around to exploit his options and too ineffective to warrant high-leverage work; Accardo doesn't have much leg to stand on when standing before high-priced lawyer dudes.

It's a shame really. If only there was a market for league-average right handed relievers with decent but not great stuff and a history of injuries and battles with their manager.

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  1. That last paragraph kind of sums up Accardo's value. If you can get him cheap, sure. If not, no biggie...


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