Monday, April 19, 2010

My Solemn Vow

For the second time in week, I went out for an evening stroll with my progeny and dungeon master. We wander the streets surrounding our modest domicile; critiquing the exterior designs of homes far more valuable than our own. We make our way back to our house when the two-foot tall microperson that lives in my house is fast asleep, usually between 8 and 9.

Despite the shouts and screams of ever fibre of my being, I generally resist checking my ever-present phone during these outings. In other words, when I settle in and turn on the TV I do so without knowing the status of the ongoing Jays game.

As I said before, tonight marked the second time in a week that I left during a Jays night game. Both times, after coming home from walks, I've found myself smack dab in the center of Blue Jays pitchers working NO HITTERS. Twice. Twice!!!

Suffice to say, there is a lot of walking in my future. Expect me to announce a monochromatic shoe deal before the end of the week. I'm going to buy one of those obnoxious jogging strollers that crowd the sidewalks of a WASPy neighbourhood near you. Who cares! I'm going to walk into perfect games 4 nights a week! I'm already excited!


  1. Do it, Dude. Ride the wave of voodoo.

    But don't go home until after the game, because clearly you're jinxing the no hitter by observing it in progress.

  2. I have been there - enjoy the walks, not just the thought of them ending.
    The perfect game will still be there, and be just as perfect, when you get back.

    Nice to see the offense return - poor Ricky, his line wasn't much different the day before, except the hits started earlier.

  3. Great to see Morrow have a quality start. If we see more of this, AA's 'due diligence' is very effective.


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