Thursday, September 23, 2010

Guilty by Association

The managerial replacement chase is heating up (quite prematurely, mind you) and Parkes the Drunk does a bang-up job running down the prospective replacements. While I'm firmly on team Butter, I don't know that I have too strong an opinion either way.

That's actually untrue. I have no desire to see a "name guy" just stepped off the managerial carousel walk in for a 16 month Canadian cameo. Internal options, young guys, Hispanic guys - I just want a manager I don't have to think about.

Suddenly, like a mulletted flash across the sky, Mitch Williams jabbed a previously ignored name into my frontal lobe: Nick Leyva. Consider the source for a moment then consider these comments:
Let's face it, the Blue Jays play in the toughest division in baseball, and a big-name manager is not going to be what puts them over the top. Don't be surprised if Nick Leyva gets another shot at managing, and he wouldn't cost the Blue Jays very much.
I don't know why, but the thought of Nick Leyva managing this club creeps me out. Maybe it's the reading glasses. All I know is I want someone free of Cito stink.

There was a shot of the dugout during last night's game with both Clarence and Leyva in the frame and I almost screamed. Shi Davidi, of the Canadian Press and hating me on Twitter fame, asked Leyva about moving to the big chair:
"My No. 1 goal is I'd like to replace Cito, and Alex knows that and I will get an interview when it's time to come around to us, I've been told that," he said. "Big shoes to fill. I feel my strengths are knowing this ball club."
Oh crap, I just got douche chills. For the love of good, don't give this man the reigns! "Knowing this ball club" is a simple way of saying "I have my mind made up on all these players." That we don't need. Fresh blood, fresh eyes, fresh outlook. Hope is where the heart is, after all.

Image courtesy of Baseball Card Busts and my very own confirmation bias


  1. I never knew Shi Davidi hated you on Twitter. Wha 'appen?

  2. Yeah seriously, what'd you do to Bastian's evil twin?

    Team Butter.

  3. bring back gibbons or a reasonable facsimile.

  4. If we can't have Butters, I'm hoping for someone from outside the organization who's got a fun nickname. El Presidente, maybe.

  5. re. Davidi. Nothing in particular, just a vibe. I don't think he appreciates my occasional barbs either.

  6. I feel my strengths are knowing this ball club.

    Ugh, I guess concept of proper pluralization is not important for a Ball Manager... But geez.

    I like Butters, but I am hoping for someone from outside the club. I am interested in the Dave Martinez idea. I am also curious about Wakamatsu. Finally, if Sal Fasano had more experience I would totally be voting for the mustache.

  7. Wak intrigues me also. Though some stories of his interactions with Griffey et al are a little worrisome.

  8. I haven't heard those stories... How worrisome are they?

  9. AA recently stated he had 200 names on a list.
    With two former GMs advising him, you can bet that candidates downsides will be as important as the good things they bring to the table.

    AA's management by committee will keep whoever it is on the same page as the rest of the organization.That rules out the egomaniacs.

    2011 gonna be interesting with everybody pulling in the same direction.Jays may do some damage.

  10. Butter knows the players MUCH better than Leyva. And Showalter referred to Butter as the most prepared guy in baseball. Why wouldn't we want someone to take over the team like that? Some of these people being interviewed may be in consideration as a bench coach for Butter. He has connections with Wak and Thompson. That would be a great way to start. Team Butter!


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