Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jays Jumbo Gumbo #2

I was going to write a game story from my couch but then I watched the game and well, would you even want to read about it? JAYS JUMBO GUMBO IT IS!

In the youtube era the fan made mixtape is a rite of passage for every 6th man in the NBA. Mixtapes of ballplayers are a little harder to come by, but Jose Bautista's got one. The pitcher reactions made me smirk an evil smirk.

This hot mess was a Sunshine Girl in 1991. Neat.

“Henke got up on stage and said this is for Llyod Moseby and Jesse Barfield and George Bell and all the guys who fought the war and weren't able to get their rewards.”

- Lloyd Moseby, reflecting on not being apart of the '92 or '93 World Series winning Blue Jays.

This interview with John Farrell's youngest son Luke smelt a lot like an SNL skit to me but apparently it's not. The interviewer does go from happily lobbing Luke softball questions about pitching in double headers and playing in the Cape Cod league to softly dropping "and you had a tumour in the base of your skull..." so you can see my confusion. Seems like a really nice kid.

"Jose, I see something in you. This is your chance."

- Cito Gaston in the long awaited Posnanski feature on Bautista.

I promise next time I'll come back with something of substance.


  1. That video deserves to be at the allstar game.

  2. That video is so awesome it allows me to forgive you posting a POD song to my beloved website.

  3. Who else was surprised that they timed the "Boom" to Bautista hitting the ball?.


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