Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jays Jumbo Gumbo

Sorry, not very many words available today, Grantland's using them all.

Adam Lind hit a grand slam last night but Ian from the Blue Jay Hunter focused in on the real story; why did Nathan Adlock point up as if the homer was just a lazy pop up? The question I want answered is whether in the history of baseball, a center fielder has ever looked back to the pitcher to figure out where the ball is... and then made the catch. Seems like a pretty pointless exercise to me.

2011 MLB draft? Go see The Boss Man's mistress for that. I prefer to look at what's going on with the Jays prospects getting close to playing with the big club. You'll be saddened to see that the style of clothing Adeiny Hechavarria has decided to wear, now that he is living in North America, glitters in the sunlight.

Speaking of prospects, Jays 1B prospect, K.C. Hobson, has hit 1 home run in 186 at bats this season in Lansing. Thankfully it was caught on video! Enjoy!

Are you aware there's a Blue Jays remix of Black and Yellow? "From ToronTO, we use to have Carlos DelgaDO." Amazing.

“It’s cool, you know,
hitting homers.
It’s nice.”
- Adam Lind, poet.

And finally, what would a Jays Jumbo Gumbo be without a video reminding you that your Toronto Blue Jays won championships in 1992 and 1993. Here we have Buck Martinez, working for TSN, interviewing beer soaked Blue Jays players after winning the 1992 ALCS. Dave Winfield! Robbie Alomar! JIMMY KEY!

(pic of Adam Lind popping out to the center field bleachers via daylife)

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  1. For some reason, I pictured Matthew McConaughey's character from Dazed & Confused saying those words.

  2. You wouldn't think it, but Jimmy Key is my all time favorite pitcher.

    Dude could deal. I could sit and watch him pitch for 8 days without bathing or moving off the couch.

  3. Paul Romanuk sure loves talking about doors.

  4. That TSN baseball theme gives me chills. Those were the days when I watched baseball with a nearly religious fervour.

  5. Oh Hechavarria... Oh dear no.

    I feel like Jose Bautista is going to introduce him to the pastel dress shirt when he makes it to the Show and we'll all be okay.


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