Sunday, August 7, 2011


Sometimes you don't need Twitter to verify shit to know an account is real. Give everyone's favourite Type B Free Agent hopeful a follow. You know, if you're into following someone just because they're a Blue Jay.

If you're not and you've been holding off on following some Blue Jay players may I recommend Brandon Morrow? I recently nominated @2Morrow23 for the Toronto Blue Jays Twitter Level of Excellence (currently holding a single handle; @Lunchboxhero45)

He has the smack talk down (exhibit A / B / C), understands the culture of twitter enough to get sarcastic with it and lets you know he's more than just a 98mph fastball throwing stud (an athlete who's going to hit double digits in books read in a season? Swooooooon). Plus, angry tweets hours after a game show 10 times the Grit (!) and Will to Win (!) than smashing up a Gatorade container mid-game.

If the hashtag #beastmode causes you to involuntary roll your eyes try having #rallysquints pop into your twitter feed.

Yes, the Jays get Rasmus and call up Lawrie since my last post and this is what I write about.


  1. Agreed. Morrow is best jays tweeter by far. Loved hearing him be exasperated by his shopping wife. Though if he wants credibility on his reading skills he should get the name of the series he's reading correct.

  2. His tweet about the replay of his last start was the best thing on Twitter maybe ever. Loved.

  3. One day he's going to post about his FIP and Twitter will break from awesomeness.

  4. Who would you say is the greatest second basemen of all time? Robbie Alomar is definitely up there, and probably the best of his generation. Watch his Road to Cooperstown, and I’m sure you’ll agree.

  5. Haha Drew, That Jim guy listened to your warning on Getting Blanked, and put his next spam on GROF.


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