Wednesday, September 7, 2011

McGowan Analysis

As per a request in the previous post's comment section, allow me to schill for my corporate masters/day job and direct your attention to the pitch f/x post I wrote today on Dustin McGowan. With a little Stephen Strasburg thrown in for good measure, you can get all your nerdiness in one sweet place.

Please to enjoy my Getting Blanked post from this morning. Don't be afraid to post comments both here and there as I need them to live.


  1. You are awesome. Seriously, you are my favourite sports writer these days.

    Isaac in Ottawa
    IkeNDP on twitter

  2. As and ye shall receive!!!

    Thanks for the article upon request.

  3. Thanks Isaac, that's a swell thing to say!

  4. Gotta agree with Isaacs. This is the only blog I read, and I'm a pretty huge sports fan (Baseball, Football, Hockey). Keep up the good work and witty humour.

  5. Love the blog too Drew!

    On Brandon Morrow - I seem to remember he began to have success last season he credited it to the whole "dialing back" his fastball thing. He was pitching in the low-90's rather than the mid-90's. There may have been an arm-slot thing related to this change as well. Can't really remember. In any case - please fix him using stats.

    Looking forward to seeing McGowan start on Sunday!

  6. Frank topped out at 98mph last night and is looking good...looks like we just might get picks out of him yet!!!

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