Tuesday, September 6, 2011


From the tremendous Red Sox authority that is Over the Monster comes this:
Bad things happen when Brett Lawrie is at the plate.
This is very, very true. Awesomely true, in fact.

The OTM post mentioned alludes not only to Brett Lawrie winning the game and sending paroxysms of Canadiana coursing throughout the Great White North but his proximity to Josh Beckett's injury. While any suffering visited upon the head of Josh Beckett is usually a good thing (cheering for injuries is a bad scene)

A great scene was the one around home plate Monday afternoon after Brett Lawrie let Red Sox fans know exactly what they're forced to contend with for the next 5-15 years The wagging tongue was just awesome and over-the-top enough to forever cement Lawrie as a villain in the eyes of the RSN.

Other assorted awesomeness: Chris Woodward's on-deck circle bat flip, occurring at 1.45 of this clip. Chris Woodward's bizarre 2011 cameo is one of those little things I really, really like hearing about. Basically on his way out of the game when a chance to fill a triple-A roster came around and he took it. He spends a few days here and there with the big club and, clearly, loves every second. It's fun and I love it (in small doses like this. No need for a full-season mascot.)

Kelly Johnson didn't get the Sportsnet memo: you don't take bathroom breaks when Brett Lawrie is at the plate. I don't care how long the Red Sox interminable pitchers drag out the game. You just hold it a few more seconds.

Kelly Johnson must be kicking himself after missing out on quality teambuilding like that. I anticipate a Dadboner-styled internal dialogue for weeks, you guys.

As for Lawrie, I dunno know what to say anymore. He has 10 plate appearances in high leverage situations in his brief career. He has 3 home runs in those 10 plate appearances. He sees the same amount of pitches per plate appearance as Jose Bautista, swinging at a very similar percentage. Under the tutelage of Brian Butterfield (nice long hug after Lawrie gets back to the plate in the walkoff video) he apparently morphed into Scott freaking Rolen.

This could very easily become a Brett Lawrie only fansite. I think it might already be just that.

Reuters Image by Fred Thornhill courtesy of Daylife and the best possible lack of self-awareness.


  1. I noticed Woodward's bat flip in the batter's box as well. Classic!

  2. that double play was amazing. switching to his throwing hand to make the tag so he was ready to throw to second to get the trail runner was just brilliant.

  3. When he stuck his town out, I was reminded of a puppy. that's what Brett Lawrie is, a big, adorable, home run hitting puppy.

  4. i can't say for certain but i'm pretty sure he was sticking out his tongue running to first earlier in the game too.

  5. The Red Sox pitchers are among the league leaders in hitting opposing batters. I'd be willing to bet that Lawrie takes one between the numbers in the next game or two. I also hope Bautista is the first one out of the dugout.

  6. I was at the game...it was boring up until that point. Epic walkoff. I've been to two walkoff wins this year, this one, and the one that Patterson dropped over the wall against the White Sox. Can't say I'm a fan of extra innings (4 hour games are long enough), but walkoff homeruns sure do make the game awesome!

    PS: Anyone else at the game hear the guy ripping Varitek's wife the whole time? Classic...

  7. Oh ya...and Papelbon was ruining the game...I can't believe how long he takes between pitches, it was almost unbearable. I wanted to leave the park...that wasn't baseball, that was knitting...

  8. #maplebonermonday !

  9. I was at the game too, and thought it was a great time -- some great defensive plays, good pitching (friggin' Alvarez), etc. I wasn't expecting to be so entertained in a scoreless tie into extra innings. If only it hadn't been so cold.

    That walk-off homer was a serious beast. I just wish Lind had been able to make it happen with the bases loaded, just to get back in it ...


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