Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Bunchostuff

It seems that I forgot a superduper shitballer the other day. Matt Clement is the latest refuse pile project. His ceiling? Paul Byrd??? His basement? Josh Towers. How much touch will a control guy with meh stuff have two years removed from getting shelled in the AL East? His minor league deal is completely non-threatening, and JP is due to have one of these break his way. Godspeed, chinpubes.

There are plenty rumours kicking around; the Barretts, the Furcals and the other assorted shitballers. The one that really gets my attention is Ty Wigginton. The wrong kind of attention that is. The offseason hand-wringing is getting to be a bit much to take, with fans ready to trade anyone and everyone. Anyone ready to ship out Scott Rolen in favour of a Jose Bautista/Ty Wigginton platoon can kindly fuck right off. A run saved is nearly equal to a run scored, the Hardball times says. I can't see Ty Wigginton continuing his 18.5% Home Run per Flyball rate outside of Enron Field. Add his "never-above-zero" Ultimate Zone Rating/150 games at third and it doesn't sound like he's saving any runs,either. So fuck him, and fuck you for considering him. Leave my Rolen alone.

Good and Quick

  • You may now be familiar with the Ballad of Rinku and Dinesh. The two Indian cricketers won a contest, trained in the US and have been signed by the Pittsburgh Pirates. Kris @ Walkoff Walk has been all over this story since the early days of the Million Dollar Arm blog, and recently got some closure on this now-huge story through an interview with the two phenoms. My boys haven't received enough credit for groundflooring this story, so check the interview out and then sign up to be a commenter at Walkoff Walk. Good times are guaranteed!
  • Someone decided there was too much joy in the world and adapted Cormac McCarthy's The Road for the screen! And they got Viggo Mortensen to star! It looks truly, soul-crushingly depressing! I could not be more excited. Actually, I could be and in fact I am. World War Z - the Movie. Don't fuck this up, guy that fucked up Daniel Craig's James Bond.
  • The Matt Joyce for Edwin Jackson fleecing has created possibly the best defensive outfield in baseball. The new-look Mariners outfield will be good too, but anywhere near this good. I remember really liking what I saw from Joyce the few times I saw him this year. If someone in Detroit can turn Edwin Jackson into A.J. Burnett, consider that man a genius.
  • I've been wanting to mention this for nearly a month now, but the Free Darko book is simply incredible. I had high hopes and the Macrophenomenal Guide completely blew me away. If you care AT ALL about basketball you will rush out and grab it. If you like the Raptors, you may not understand what you read because they are simply the ugliest, most boring team on the planet. And they suck, too. Jose Calderon is the best back-up point guard in the NBA. There, I said it.
  • The always underrated Tao has been killing it all month long. The Tao was the first Jays blog I ever came across, and I'm sure glad that I did. There would be no Ghostrunner on First without the Tao, and that would certainly make me quite unhappy. So thanks Tao, you're an inspiration to us all.
My bebcation is nearly over, which sucks terribly. At least going back to work will allow me some more company time to update this dick joke party. C'mon Brad Penny, do what feels right.

The video is of Barrit, who were twice as awesome as Michael Barrett and three times as badass. Screaming so loud that you can hear it over the music without a mic? Where do I sign? RIP Steve Neal.


  1. LLoyd, you're right. One of these reclamation projects has to work out. I mean, it's straight mathematics!

    And I'm with you on Rolen. Bautista can platoon with Overbay. Rolen can play everyday. Fans in Toronto need to learn to appreciate the finer things in life: defence.

    My Rinku Singh jersey is in the mail. I am immensely proud of my countrymen. I've been waiting to see "Singh" on a jersey for a long, long time.

    "The Road" is one of the best books I have read in the last year. It absolutely blew me away. Should be one hell of a movie.

    I'm trying not to get riled up about your comment about Jose. Sure, his defence his shit, but he's no back-up point guard.

    And, yes, The Tao certainly is an inspiration to us all.

    Hope your little one is doing great.


  2. the Tao was so much better before he brought in that fucking hack to water down the weekends.

  3. No way, clearly the Ack's weekend awesomeness has freed up the Tao's mid-week thinking. A fine addition indeed.

    You're probably right about Jose NV, I wish he would look to create his own shot just a little more, to keep defenses honest.

    I wonder if the end of The Road - The Movie will have me staring at the ceiling in silence for 20 minutes like the book did.

  4. The Road raises some interesting questions, like what do you hoard first after the meteor hits: dried lentils and beef jerkey, vitamins or firearms? Or, which store do you loot first, Bulk Barn, Shopper's or Canadian Tire? That book has been haunting my dreams for months...

  5. Are we so sure now that Penny's NL ~115tRA+ from 2006-2007 (if he gets back there) will translate in to an AL tRA+ we couldn't get from our own minor league system for far less money?

  6. I see your point Torgen, but Brett Cecil's innings are going to be an issue this year. If you can get ride Brad Penny hard and put him away wet, guilt free, it's worth the 4 mil. Isn't it?

  7. I'd rather add the $4M to the DH fund. The Rays seem willing to throw Price out there every fifth day and Cecil's numbers were better at the same levels in the same number of innings. Plus, assuming Cecil does crack the rotation, you can send him back down once McGowan's back.

  8. No...YOU GUYS are awesome!

    Thanks, fellas. We aim to please.

  9. I was at that gig. True story: the very attractive singer for saves the day dedicated "Handsome Boy" to Zach Bane.

    Spot Matias in the front row?


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