Monday, December 1, 2008

Make Your Own News

As you are well aware, the offseason fucking sucks. My incredible foresight allowed me to knock up Ms. Moseby 9 months ago, knowing there wouldn't be anything to write about anyway aside from the birth of the Barber's assistant on Saturday morning.

Now that I am a dad, my entire world view has changed. My days of mancrushes are over, as I no longer see baseball players as five tool studs or original characters. I see a toxic concoction of Ed Hardy, chlamydia, and road beef. Even you Rocco, stay the hell away from my kid!


  1. Congrats!

    Still, I must note that actual incredible foresight would have given you a delivery date one week earlier so as to put distance between Junior and the Winter Meetings.

    So Ya probably just got lucky lol.


  2. Congratulations!

    It changes everything. But I have a clear memory of the first baseball my daughter (now 2) was exposed to -- just a few weeks old, she fell asleep in my arms while I sat in an old chair and listened to a Jays game. I've since undertaken a diabolical plan to brainwash her in my image. Not yet 3, she has already memorized the starting lineup for both the '92 and '93 teams.

  3. Awesome, congrats LTB and Ms LTB.

    You're right dude, life as you know it is over (mine just turned 2).

    PS - the mancrushes don't necessarily end, but they become a little less passionate. WHAT?!?

  4. Congrats! Being a father is pretty much the funnest thing ever. Mine is almost two and although she was born during the offseason, I can remember vividly when I learned she was on the way - it was in between innings of a Doc Halladay masterpiece against the O's.

  5. Holy shit, congratulations buddy!

    Boy, your guys's mothers basements must be crowded.

    The closest thing I've got to a child is my bottle of Wiser's.

  6. Thanks fellas, Little L appreciates the shout outs.

  7. Congratulations, Lloyd!

  8. Congratulations to the Mr. and Mrs. I'm sure Rocco will understand the decreased face time.

  9. Eh oh, congrats! Hopefully the wee one hits .300 someday, somewhere.


  10. Congrats!
    I got twin girls to keep me busy, Just turned 5 months old today, so they keep me busy during this rather dull offseason.

  11. Congratulations, LTB. Does this mean your Left 4 Dead days are toast?

  12. My Left 4 Dead days are on hold! I'll pick it up after Christmas when I'll have more time to neglect my child, job and blog.


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