Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Make it a Ghostrunner Xmas

What do you mean that's not Santa? Red hat, white beard. Same fucking guy right? I enjoyed The Life Aquatic more than 1000 Christmases anyway. Why you may ask? Because Christmas can go get fucked. No matter the circumstance, I'm ready and willing to celebrate the blessed event of time away from work. Paid days off are the real Messiah.

I'm not one to turn down free shit, so in the honor of the season of consumerism, I've thrown together a simple wishlist all my own.
  • Yankee Comeuppance. Even though their free spending ways haven't been as bad as I think, my hate has been reborn in surprising and refreshing ways.
  • The World Baseball Classic to not be a trainwreck. I need more baseball in my life.
  • To be on the radio. Seriously, somebody put me on the radio. I will keep the "like" count under 50.
  • Hell, while I'm getting all pie in the sky; season tickets. That would be awesome, hidden wealthy benefactors.
  • A walkoff walk every night for the entire season. That shrimp should look like Usain Bolt by next October.

One last thing:

Have a good few days off people. Make it happen Zissou!


  1. I only have one wish this season and that is for nudes of Sal Fasano to surface on the internet.

  2. if we don't do this right, we're all going to get murdered

  3. I have to say, Rocco looks not too shabby in a Jays cap. Maybe JP can make it happen. Have a good one!

  4. My hate for the Yankees multiplies exponentially every day.

    Merry Xmas dipshits.

  5. Nudes of Sal Fasano? I love the guy, but damn, that's nasty.

    Ian's right, Rocco does look pretty bad ass in a Jays cap. What do we have to lose, man?


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