Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday Rocco Report

It's been weeks since I last checked in with the patron saint of Ghostrunner on First, Rocco Baldelli. Rocco, like every other available free agent, has opted to massage his ballsack rather than sign a contract. The most persistent rumours have Rocco landing in either Philadelphia or Boston. The Red Sox talk is fueled by two very different things: the Sox are kicking the tires and doing their homework on Rocco, and every single Red Sox fan alive has a blog. Earlier this month the Boston Globe reported the Red Sox were doing a great deal of research about his condition to determine if it will improve or worsen over time. Most Red Sox fans are simply in a lather over the prospect of signing a true New England guinea to be their fourth outfielder. Not unlike the Erik Bedard/Jason Bay/Adam Loewen maple-lather that coats this great land of ours each winter.

Speaking of tragic homegrown paisans, Rocco was recently awarded the Tony Conigliaro Award, given to the Major League ballplayer who's resemblance to Tony Conigliaro in every possible way goes past uncanny all the way to creepy. It's a nice honor for Rocco, especially since the Comeback Player of the Year award goes to any washed up player that holds off on sucking for one full year. In a cruel twist of fate, this was the second time in his career he's been nominated as the player who has overcome adversity through the attributes of spirit, determination and courage that were trademarks of the late Major Leaguer.

Bonus Rocco Fun Fact! Last time I provided fun Rocco facts, I noted that his first big league home run came at the expense of one Harry Leroy Halladay. I recently learned that Rocco's first career home run ball is part of the Rays exhibit at the Baseball Hall of Fame! (Follow the link for a photo of the ball in the Rays HoF locker) That is pretty fucking cool. No mention of Halladay, maybe one day he'll get a bust instead.

Photo borrowed and gently used from Suzy Q's flickrstream

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  1. Initially Halladay was mentioned, however when hall officials were informed of their pending death by way of a painful Halladay glare, they removed all related info with respect to Roy and his involvement.


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