Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gumming the Hand that Feeds

As you may have noticed, things look a little different around here today. We GROFmen are lucky enough to be included in the The Score's Sports Federation, a network of blogs from all walks of life. Use the dropdown menu and sample them all. I cannot recommend the Habs blog Lions in Winter enough, because I'm a giant homer.

So yes, there will be an ad or two strewn around, advertising anything from automated kitten drowners to the latest works of Cannibal Corpse. And that's okay, because I never had much credibility in the first place. But we're excited for the opportunity to offend new sets of eyeballs, probably at first glance.

Speaking of offending eyeballs, I just realized how patently ridiculous this site looks when using Internet Explorer. I know! People still use Explorer? Does your Commodore 64 not run Firefox? Heathens. In any event, I'll work to ensure this site looks moderately terrible on whichever platform you choose to allow Google deep inside your psyche.

Blue Jays Stuff

JP says no dice on free agents. It's likely bullshit, but I don't think it's the end of the world. That is a route often frought with disaster, for every Carlos Beltran there's a potential Carlos Beltran waiting around the corner.


  1. Do whats you gots to do. Daddy needs cake!

  2. Taking the heat form readers already?

    Thanks for the endorsement and welcome to our new federation together. Habs and Jays fan, eh? We can agree on that much now – thanks to Jeffrey Loria.


  3. Habs and Jays fan - how does that happen, exactly?

    Go Leafs Go.

  4. I owe my Habs fandom, despite what Down Goes Brown says, to the Russ Courtnall/John Kordic trade.

    Best decision a 9 year old has ever made.

  5. Lloyd, I would have to disagree with your "best decision."

    But I will let it slide, since you write lovely content over here about OUR Jays.

  6. Congrats! Turn the cash into some over-priced beers at the Rogers Centre.


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