Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Roy Halladay: Ace, Cornerstone, Player of Little Value

Embrace him Roy, maybe it will all make sense one day
Hey look! The midget with the punchable face won the MVP! Good for him, debatable but not fire-bombable. The MVP is the most nebulous of all the post-season awards; alternately awarded for outstanding performance and contribution to a winning or playoff team. Warts and all, it's a pretty big deal. There are significant performance bonuses attached to the voting, so when it becomes a hilarious farce, I get upset.

Earlier this month, Roy Halladay placed second in the American League Cy Young voting. Disappointing as it may be, Cliff Lee had a great year. The back-and-forth over strength of schedule etc. makes for good reading and discussion, so I'm all for it. Francisco Rodriquez didn't receive a single first place Cy Young vote, I was glad to see. Maybe these writers have figured some stuff out.


As I said, the criteria for MVP is sketchy at best, especially this year where no player hit 40 home runs and no one player is obviously head and shoulders above the common swine that dwell below. The votes were spread pretty evenly, with 5 players getting first place consideration. You could make a case for all of them. Pedroia, Morneau, Mauer, Youkillis, Rodriquez. Wow, even during an off year A-Rod still puts up big numb-I'm sorry? Not that Rodriquez? Do you mean to tell me that Fransisco Rodriquez received a first place vote for AL MPV????? Seriously?? Despite no voters deeming Frankie the best pitcher in the American League, one of these stunned cunts decided he was the MOST VALUABLE PLAYER IN THE VASTLY SUPERIOR AMERICAN LEAGUE.

Worse yet, Roy Halladay did not receive one single MVP vote. Not one. Despite having the second highest WPA/LI in the AL (just behind Lee but well ahead of any batter), despite ranking ahead of mulitple vote getters Carlos Pena, Evan Longoria, Miguel Cabrera in Win Shares, despite his VORP of 70.6 (good for second in the AL behind Lee) he did not get one single MVP mention.

Franky Rodriquez amassed 62 wonderful saves and appeared on 23 seperate MVP ballots. His 12 win shares tied him with guy that missed two months Shaun Marcum, utility man Joe Inglett, and fellow Angels bullpen dweller Jose Arredondo. His WPA/LI was a whopping 0.98, behind other relievers that didn't garner MVP attention like Joe Nathan, Mo Rivera, the Mexecutioner, Shutter Downs, and the LOOGY twins Jesse Carlson and J.P. Howell.

Does this mean Roy Halladay should be the MVP? No, it doesn't. But if he can't get one single vote at a time when they're being given away like door prizes, the whole system is obviously flawed. Before anyone does anything else, why not clear up what the award stands for once and for all. If pitchers can't win; fine. Let's just get it out there.

Update: The goof that voted for K-Rod offers his specious at best reasoning here. via Walkoff Walk


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