Monday, November 10, 2008

Feral Dogs Congregate Around Rogers Centre

Remember when the Jays traded away their likable and slick fielding second baseman to make room for a much younger, less likable (let's say less charismatic, to be fair), and most importantly much cheaper second basemen of equal glove slickness? Me too, that was a good deal. They got rid of a player as he became arbitration eligible to make room for a young, every-day contributor. Good work JP, sound as a motherfucking pound.

Fast forward 3 years, it seems that very same player is now a free agent. Guess that means it's time for Toronto sports fans, always in search of a kindly black dude with a recognizable name, to start crowing for Orlando Hudson's return. To which I, predictably, say no fucking way.

Orlando Hudson certainly earned a lot of fans in Toronto, with an easy smile and competent bat, all the while playing the living shit out of second base. JP shipped him off to make room for a younger, cheaper player as Hudson was due a raise. He took well the Senior Circuit, posting what we like to call The Joke League Bump (around 40 points of OPS) when he went to the fertile fields of the NL West. A big part of his JLB is owed to playing half his games at hitter- and old person-friendly Chase Field.

Home/Away Splits - Isolated Power - Orlando Hudson

After his strong 2006, Hudson put up comparable numbers in fewer games in '07 & '08. Defensively though, Hudson shows his age. Hudson's Revised Zone Rating has gone down substantially since his time in Toronto, as have his out of zone plays. After posting +11 and +20 seasons in 2006 & 2007, Hudson was a highly pedestrian -2 in 2008. (Math, people!)

I don't think anyone seriously expects or wants to see Hudson back in Toronto, especially if he plans on bringing his ridiculous double ear flap helmet with him. Ignoring the fact that he's going to sign with the Mets for New York-level cash, and ignoring that fact that Aaron Hill isn't moving to shortstop (hopefully they've got somebody better in mind), and ignoring JP's fear of old and overpriced talent, this move still wouldn't make any sense. Thanks for the memories, Pinball Lite, but I don't need to see you in Baby Blue Pajamas.


  1. Hill is plenty charismatic when not concussed, but O-Dog was really something...he may not be invited back if only because he once called JP a pimp to the press and apparently JP was not impressed.

  2. I'm always afraid that former Jays might come back for the sentimental value (see Shannon Stewart). So I wouldn't completely rule out that the O-Dog won't come back to the Jays at some point. Last off-season, we thought the infield was all locked up ... and then they signed Pluckstein.

  3. JP just got mad because Orlando didn't mention how hard it is out there for him.

    I also think JP is least sentimental person on earth.


  4. You've got to love the double-ear flap helmet. I sure do.

    I don't know, you bring up the Joke League Bump, but how we do know Greene can play in the AL East? We do know that Orlando Hudson can. He proved it.

    And I'm not sure what this "math" stuff you speak of is, but I'm having none of it!

    I know, I know, I'm being a nostalgic little bitch, but Hill at short and the O-Dog back at second is something I can get behind. It's something I can believe in.

    I guess it all depends on the price.

    And they really are pajamas, eh?

  5. We know that Hudson COULD, that doesn't mean that he still can.


  6. Nice road/home splits. That's a big issue when playing in Arizona.

    I'm really digging the splits, +/-, etc.

    I'd have no interest in signing Hudson at this point. He's also a Type A free agent to boot. Big $$$, declining production, the Jays depth at 2nd and the loss of a draft pick has to make this a 100% no go, even for J.P. (I hope)...

  7. @ Lloyd: Fair point, my friend. Fair point. I just can't shake my nostalgia-ness. Apologies.

  8. So long as Shitske doesn't come back, it's all good to me!

  9. No need to apologize Navin, lest you take more than Sundin out of your banner logo.

  10. @ Lloyd: If Sundin comes back to Toronto, the old banner is going up...

    And, man, I don't even want to think of one day replacing Doc.


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