Thursday, June 12, 2008

Incomplete Thoughts to Complete the Week

The doom and gloom surrounding the Jays this week is nothing short of shocking. I think the most important thing for people to remember is, um, this is your entertainment. Try not to take all the fun out of it by freaking out over every win or loss. That is the point, isn't it? Fun? Good times? Playoffs and Meaningful Baseball in September would sure be nice, but do you really care that much? Be honest. I write about the Blue Jays because:
  • I love baseball.
  • I love writing cheap, crude jokes and offering my opinion on crucial issues like the height of the fences inside a baseball stadium.
Changing the world, I am not. This blog has certainly increased the enjoyment I get out of baseball, and as a creative outlet has kept me on my toes. It also keeps me from lurking in the bushes outside the house of the Japanese girl that works on the 28th floor of my building.

Baseball Players are Highly Paid Athletes Whom You'll Never Meet or Know

In their new roles as Kings of all Media, the DJF guys have embroiled themselves in a mini-rivalry with Bugs and Cranks writer Spencer Kyte. I'm sure young Spencer is a fine guy, and if branding is to believed he could be a nicer guy than the drunks, but I rarely agree with anything he writes. I'm not one to take sides, except that I'm going to side with Drunk Jays Fans.

His recent post regarding the behaviour and performance of AJ Burnett. The article itself was pretty standard "he doesn't win!" stuff, but in the comments it really fell apart. A commenter came out and stated that while on a rehab assignment, AJ was cordial and polite TO HIM, and he witnessed him interacting with the double-A guys and buying them dinner. Kyte shrugged it off, flatly stating "I think he's a dick." First hand evidence be damned, I don't like him based on the way he acts on TV and has performed relative to his seemingly large (yet now below market) contract. Aside from that, he also said the only thing that matters are Wins and Losses. True, but so little of that is in the pitcher's control blah blah stats geek blah blah context blah blah.

I may disagree with David Eckstein's inclusion in the Toronto Blue Jays baseball club, and find his approach tiresome and overrated, but I don't know a damn thing about the man. Nor do I care. Scott Rolen could drown kittens, bang my sister, and beat me in an auction for True Til Death on green and I'd still love him all the same. They're not real people as far as I'm concerned. To their wives and kids they are, but Scott Rolen=Michael Scott=Jack Sheppard=Mick Jagger.

Friday is Going to be a Great Day

Cubs in town, work is a distant memory, but more importantly ROCCO STARTS REHAB. Having completed his super extendo Spring Training, Rocco is likely to join the Vero Beach Devil Rays (A) for a rehab assignment. Could big league ball be far behind? The Rays are pretty set in the outfield, so let's grease the wheels of conjecture and make up some scenarios that will land him in Toronto. Simple put, I'd trade anyone outside of Rolen and Halladay. I certainly will not be realistic. Minor league contract?

Fun Rocco Facts!
  • Hit his first career home run off of Roy Halladay (you see! he's the chosen one!)
  • Has a highly unfortunate tattoo of the MLB logo on his calf.
  • Was nominated for the 2006 Tony Conigliaro Award given to the player who has overcome adversity through the attributes of spirit, determination and courage the most Italian name possible.
  • Will be the starting left fielder for the 2009 Toronto Blue Jays, giving them the greatest defensive outfield ever assembled. Zone rating robots would explode, hearts would fill.

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  1. I noticed you added me, and then I added you.

    On AJ. I'm tired of defending him to people. I think he's kind of awesome. His win-loss record doesn't reflect much, especially since many of his losses came not from his crappiness, but rather his team not hitting. Doc high fives other guys, but full-on man hugs AJ. He's a talented bonehead, but I like him nonetheless. I'd like it if he used his change more.

    The Bugs and Cranks guy just sounds prissy about it.

    I used to get offended by bad behaviour from athletes, but then I came to the conclusion that I don't need to work with/date any of them, so I don't really care. Unless they rape women or engage in dog-fighting.


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