Thursday, June 19, 2008

Not Throwing in the Towel

Simply changing that which cleans the horrible mess from the Blue Jays sheets. But the question begs asking; who will be the first to go?

Changing the manager is pointless but inevitable. Changing the GM won't do too much in the short term. But the players, ah, the players may move around. The most likely Jay to move is Matt Stairs.

What potential contender wouldn't be in the market for a professional hitter? The Diamondbacks by chance? They could use a left handed power bat that is capable of playing/has been known to play/was once seen standing in either corner outfield position. The Indians current left handed DH is on the shelf indefinitely with shoulder trouble, if they turn things around (before the Jays) things could happen. I'm not prepared to accept the reality of Tampa Bay buying a left handed bat at the deadline.

Stairs is cheap, experienced and is a capable pinch hitter. He is a versatile Jay, but he isn't really helping at this point. Moving him would free up a spot for, of course, Adam Lind. As John Brattain detailed, the production out of the LF and DH spots is already terrible, he can come up and suck just the same. Lind being spelled by Wilkerson & Mench isn't the end of the world, with one of that duo DHing on a given day.

What would the Jays receive in return? Who fucking cares. Maybe a piece they could flip in a bigger deal for the sorely needed Hammer of Thor. A player like Stairs would fit nicely in such a Burnett blockbuster, however unlikely that scenario is.


  1. that pic of zauner says it all. i know he's having as much trouble sleeping as i am tonight. fuck.

  2. The mets could use Uncle Matt to play 1B and in the OF, but I'd be pretty sad to see him go.


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