Monday, June 23, 2008

The Denbo regression

Gene Tenace is back and Matt Stairs evidently isn't going to miss ex-hitting coach Gary Denbo that much. According to Stairs, Denbo didn't suit his style. Stairs goes on to mention he doesn't believe he's the only Jay who regressed during Denbo's tenure; adding Denbo's approach most likely contributed to the Jays home-run drought this season. Who fucking hired this guy? Who wouldn't want a hitting coach that sucks the life out of the teams bats? The Jays enter tonight's game with 51 home runs as a team, 43 less than they had at this point last season. Sounds like the Denbo approach was about being a pussy, whereas the Tenace approach is centered on aggressiveness. One only needs to look at the decline in output from someone such as Alex Rios to see that Stairs may very well have a point.

These guys have had success at the dish before and there is no reason they can't again. We've all seen it, and continue to scratch our heads as to why they just can't get it done. Maybe this is the first step in a progression back to confident and productive hitters.

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