Saturday, June 28, 2008

Not Quite Enough Said

Credit Crunch

Not to step on the Reverend's toes, but to dismiss Jair Jurrjen's performance last night as another shitty outing by the Jays isn't fair. He was outstanding, mixing his pitches and changing speeds really, really well. The Jays hit a few balls hard, but they were generally in the direction of Mark Teixeira's Hoover-like glove. The Portuguese Prince kills the Jays more frequently than he pours chiment; amassing 16 home runs in only 40 games. He plays a mighty fine first base and enjoys sandwiches of his mother's creation. Looks like he hit another today. Bloody hell.

Ça va mal Frenchy?

I was pretty excited to see an old mancrush in the flesh yesterday. Jeff Francouer is an exciting player that is mired in a terrible season. He's been dropped all the way to 7th in the order, and just looks out of sorts at the plate. He did make an excellent catch in the right fielder corner, but wasn't given the opportunity to unleash the cannon. Hopefully on Sunday the Jays will string together a few hits. You go first-to-third over his dead body.

One thing he has in his favour is a fine beard of neglect, continuing a theme among players I "admire". I'm off next week, but I'm moving. So I too, will have the depression beard in no time.

Cito and his lineup = BFF

I'm all for some stability in the lineup, but Cito has resumed his WAMCO ways and set the lineup in stone. Rod Barajas was on fire, then sat 4 straight games. Eckstein was having a good month but clearly Cito and I share more than the feeling that Inglett should hit second. That feeling is a good one though, as Inglett has dropped science, english and all manner of academia since being installed as the #2 hitter. Including today, he's sporting a dead sexy .417/.481/.583 line since starting the game in the on deck circle. It's only a 5 game sample size, but that is insane improvement from that spot in the lineup.

And what of poor Brandon League? He hasn't thrown a pitch since his call up, yet Brian Tallet has pitched mop up in both drubbings of the Reds. Give the man an inning!

Cito shook things up a little today, slotting Barajas and Eckstein back into the lineup, with Barajas providing a home run. I'm sure Eckstein ran to first after drawing a walk. He's so special. He's also been hit by a pitch. That is satisfying on numerous levels.

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