Thursday, June 26, 2008

Why Waste Time Learning When Ignorance Is Instantaneous

Ever feel like the world is an alright place? As though 99% of people aren't profoundly stupid and reactionary? Spend some time over at Mike Wilner's blog, where the dumbest guy in your office/ICU unit/fingerpainting monkey guild will tell a professional analyst, who watches EVERY SINGLE GAME up close and personally, that he is wrong.

Sometimes they come armed with misinformed stats, but usually it is the "he's overrated because I saw him hit into a double play tonight, and I'm mad so trade him right fucking now!" My favorite part of any comment involves the words "We are paying him X dollars." Sadly, you don't pay shit. You don't pay to watch the games, you don't pay for the radio broadcast, you don't pay to read the blog that you take the time to shit all over each and ever day. You buy a ticket once or twice a year and that is it. Take your free entertainment, have the grown up explain what is going on, and shut up. Have some fun with it, it's fucking baseball.

Wilner isn't a Joe Morgan or Steve Phillips type clueless figurehead, trotted out in front of the public because of their name value. He knows his shit, and the evidence he presents is logical. Yesterday, Overbay was the target of scorn. Wilner presented the argument as "he isn't nearly as bad as you people are suggesting." He isn't saying Overbay is Barry Bonds or David Ortiz, simply that his season, while not Hall of Fame-worthy, hasn't been terrible. Nor is he the cause of the Blue Jays struggles. But "fans" are frustrated and need someone to blame for their deadend job, mounting debt and ugly wife the struggles of their beloved baseball team.

Update - Untapped Resources of Moronic Behavior Discovered

Wilner's commenters are the Dystopian Fiction Book Club to the Severe Brain Injured Support Group found commenting on Sportsnet's blogs. While the posts are as bland and inoffensive as you'd imagine, the comments left alternate between blissfully unaware or horrifically unfunny. Not for the faint of heart. Jamie Campbell's latest entry is white enough to be see-through, but only in the comments can you see someone refer to Darren Fletcher as "Fetcher" only to add "yes misspelled on purpose for comic relief". I'm embarrassed to be a human right now. I bet ElCarnal really got a kick out of The Love Guru.

In other news
Rocco has a beard. It's awesome. Other Rays have grown beards to show support for Rocco. They are also awesome. If only they played in another division...

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  1. One day, Rocco will tip his hat to us as we yell his name from centre field. Then, he'll come to Sneaky Dee's as requested.


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