Tuesday, June 24, 2008


No joke! The Jays pounded out 22 hits (7 for extra bases) in Cito Gaston's return to Toronto, making a complete mockery of Bronson Arroyo in the process. They sent the entire lineup to the plate in both the first and the second innings. Fuck'd if I know the last time that happened, but it wasn't this year.

Every starter had at least one hit, and A.J. Burnett "the good" showed up, throwing eight strong and striking out seven; while only allowing the one earned run. Maybe all the guy needs is a little run support? One can only hope. Don't expect the Jays to rack up 20 plus hits a game, but tonight's effort certainly has John Gibbons scratching his head somewhere.

In other news, it's likely Shaun Marcum is going to be out until the All-Star break. The schedule may allow the Jays to go with a four man rotation, or they could recall John Parrish from Syracuse to make a few spot starts. He's been lights the fuck out this season. Also, Aaron Hill is taking a two week leave from the club as his post-concussion struggles continue. It's not often a ball player is sidelined with a concussion but Hill seems to have gotten a raw deal here with the trouble he's had. I hope David Eckstein feels like shit.


  1. i hope david eckstein feels like shit too.

    seriously, who springs to first base when they earn a base on balls?

  2. and by springs i clearly meant sprint. fuck.

  3. After current Mets manager Jerry Manuel was fired by the White Sox in late 2003, Cito Gaston was far enough along in the interviewing process to the point of being fit for his managerial jacket.

    And I remember thinking, "wow, we could probably see an exact .500 finish every single season for the rest of our lifetimes under this guy." It could've been sweet, but alas it was not meant to be. And then I remembered this was the same guy who allegedly had his team stealing signs in the 1992 and 1993 ALCSs and thought "wait, we might finally have a manager dirty enough to lead the cheating losers already onboard. Awesome!"


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