Sunday, June 15, 2008

Grit Giveth; Grit Taketh Away

My immediate thought when Reed Johnson came to bat on Friday night was "aw gee, isn't that an nice sentiment." He scragritustled his way into Toronto's heart, and the loyal fans repaid him. My very next thought was "it is awesome that Reed Johnson is up in this situation because REED JOHNSON SUCKS." If Reed Johnson was worth keeping, he wouldn't have been quite so disposable in the spring. If he was a starting outfielder on a big league club, he would currently be a starting outfielder on a big league club. Were he the answer to the Cubs needs, they wouldn't have plucked a 40 year old Salt & Pepper outfield retread off the refuse pile.

Of course, during Saturday's game, Reed offered me an extra large helping of Blow Me Soup and provided the Cubs all the offense they would need behind Jason Marquis. Marquis, in the latest indictment of the Blue Jays offense, threw a stellar 7 innings of 4 hit ball. I would have loved to be within earshot of JP when the ball flew into the bullpen. If the first thing out of his mouth wasn't his ever present wad of gum, then the words "You've got to be fucking kidding me", I'd be shocked. Of course, Reed wouldn't have been provided that opportunity if David Eckstein hadn't done his best David Villa impersonation. It was either a David Villa impersonation, or the impersonation of a shortstop by a second baseman.

The Jays filled their scrap quotient with Li'l Davey, who I will begrudgingly admit (again) that he's been exactly as advertised. His is almost directly on all of his career numbers. So that means JP got this one right? Are people willing to concede this? I think I might be.

This club is flawed offensively. While Davey's defense may have cost his team the game yesterday, image how bad they'd be without his bat? My skin is trying to flee my body right now, repulsed by my brain's acceptance that Eckstein's presence on the team, while grotesque and incomprehensible to me, adds runs. Johnny Mac isn't going to rock an OPS+ of 94 even if you let him hit twice in a row. The true crime here is an OPS+ of 94 is still below average league average! I am quickly driving myself insane here. I can't even take solace in seeing Rainn Wilson on College Street last night. It was slightly odd to see him (with a security guard in tow) but I'm mostly disappointed that I didn't ask if he'd been party to any malfeasance.


  1. i've said it about adam lind/shannon stewart and i'll say it about eckstein/johnny mac...i'd rather be a .500 team with lind, just like i'd rather be a .500 team with johnny mac than with eckstein. fuck all the scrappy grit, i want someone who can make that play, and johnny mac can make it with his fuckin eyes closed.

  2. and since when does JMac not have grit?

  3. Jmac only has grit because he's white. Nobody has ever accused Omar Vizquel of being gritty, he's "smooth"


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