Sunday, June 1, 2008

Oh Beej

Well I suppose that no one is perfect. Not even Blue Jay closer B.J. Ryan, who today blew his first save of the season. He allowed a pair of runs in the bottom of the ninth and the Jays fell to the Angels 4-3. A.J. Burnett had a stellar outing throwing eight strong allowing only three hits and two runs while striking out eight.

It was the second day in a row the Jays were on the wrong end of a walk off loss, and they now travel to NYC to face the scumbags for three. Rod Barajas continued to baffle fans, hitting his second home run in as many days and raising his average to .298 while picking up his 17th RBI in the process. As the Jays head East, 31-28 doesn't feel that bad, especially with the lack of offense most of the season.

Tuesday = Doc vs. Joba

I believe it necessary for someone, anyone, Johnny Mac, Marco Scutaro whoever, to explain to David Eckstein he doesn't have to ensure every single throw he makes is 100% fundamentally correct and that he comes directly & 100% over the top on each throw. Clown.

Elsewhere - For the first time in a century (A century is 100 fucking years for those who for whatever reason are idiots) the Chicago Cubs are at the top of the MLB standings on June 1st. You what that shit is, fucked up. Ty Cobb was a fresh-faced 22 year old bigot playing his 4th season with the Tigers. Babe Ruth was only 13 years old, and Henry Ford produced the very first Model T automobile. As we are aware, the Cubs went on to win the World Series in 1908, the last time they accomplished the feat. The poor bastards.

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