Friday, June 13, 2008

Jeff Blair Shows What Side of the Bread He's Buttered On

Intelligent Journalists and Bloggers Stand Side by Side Against IdiotsSeeing as the Drunks are likely, well, drunk; I'll step in and give a slow, Brubaker-styled ovation to Jeff Blair. Watching Prime Time Sports as I write this, Jeff Blair is serving Mike Toth a savage beatdown with the truth stick. He asked Toth if he was on crack when he suggested that Gary Carter become the next Jays manager. He then demanded that Toth stand behind his suggestion, and offer reasons that he'd make a better field general than John Gibbons. A clearly rattled Mike Toth, sensing Blair's disgust with his very existence, tried to go cheap when he informed Snarlin Jeff Blair that "Gary Carter has two things you'll never have, a World Series ring and a plaque in the baseball Hall of Fame." Good points, Mike.

You'd be a fool to suggest that Mike Toth knows anything about baseball. I'm sure he knows plenty about junior hockey, or the Calgary Stampede, but not baseball. Jeff Blair, knows a lot. Blair and Wilner are the kind of journalists I enjoy most. They don't suffer fools or take shit lightly. Anyone who would criticize Wilner as a "know-it-all bully" is a weak-minded idiot. Of course he's a know-it-all, he's an expert in the field! His job is to know lots of stuff, even ALL OF IT. You'd prefer to call in, offer your inane, wrongheaded blather and have him congratulate you? You prefer living a life of ignorance and uninformed opinions over "learning" or "informing yourself on the topics of the day?" Well good, Mike Toth will keep "making show business" and encouraging you to plow forth without having thought about anything beforehand.

Update: You can hear the whole thing here, on the Prime Time Sports Podcast.


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