Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sado-Masochism: To Go!

The lively commentary in the post below is really inspiring and something I'm proud of. Awesome to see people come together and exchange ideas without a single person's sexuality being questioned. I chalk that up to my over-the-top Ace & Garyness. Anyway, two shaky points before I leave this topic for a while.

Team Salary Considerations

It is very true that six of baseball's playoff spots are currently inhabited by teams within the top 8 payrolls. BUT! Via Cots, we see the 13th and 21st ranked teams hold down the other two, with the 19th and 25th ranked teams within 3 games in the American League Wild Card and teams 12, 14, and 30 within shouting distance in the NL. The Rays - Rangers series this past weekend? Playoffs. The Rockies - Giants weekend tilt? Playoffs.

Meanwhile, in the salary capped NBA (from Hoopshype), three of the 4 teams contesting the conference finals fall inside the top 5 payrolls in the league. 6 of the 8 teams to reach the conference semis sit inside the top 10 ten.

Because I Can't Help Myself

2008 American League
  1. Angels
  2. Rays
  3. Red Sox
  4. Yankees
  5. White Sox
  6. Twins
  7. Blue Jays &mdash .531
  8. Cleveland
2007 American League
  1. Red Sox
  2. Indians
  3. Angels
  4. Yankees
  5. Tigers
  6. Mariners
  7. Blue Jays &mdash .512
  8. Twins
2006 American League
  1. Yankees
  2. Twins
  3. Tigers
  4. A's
  5. White Sox
  6. Angels
  7. Blue Jays &mdash .537
  8. Red Sox
2009 NBA Eastern Conference
  1. Cleveland
  2. Boston
  3. Orlando
  4. Atlanta
  5. Miami
  6. Chicago/Philadelphia
  7. Detroit
  8. Toronto &mdash .402
2008 NBA Eastern Conference
  1. Boston
  2. Detroit
  3. Orlando
  4. Cleveland
  5. Washington
  6. Toronto &mdash .500
  7. Philadelphia
  8. Atlanta
2007 NBA Eastern Conference
  1. Detroit
  2. Cleveland
  3. Toronto &mdash .573
  4. Miami
  5. Chicago
  6. New Jersey
  7. Washington
  8. Orlando
Of course the Blue Jays currently sit 10th with a .463 winning percentage. Also, this pointless exercise makes no mention of run/point differentials over the same time frame. Well shit, why don't we dive right on in???

TeamRun/Point DifferentialRank
2009 Toronto Blue Jays+1512th
2008 Toronto Blue Jays+1044th
2007 Toronto Blue Jays+54T-11th
2009 Toronto Raptors-2.8123rd
2008 Toronto Raptors+2.912th
2007 Toronto Raptors+1.010th

I don't even know what I'm talking about anymore!

Playoffs!!! Fire JP! Make BC the mayor! Layoffs!!!1!


  1. It's very unusual to have the kind of exchanges that your previous post had and not one single insult fired. To be honest, that would be the reason I never comment at DJF. Every disagreement degenerates in trading insults and to be honest it's not only immature, but points to the commenters own insecurity. Thanks Drew (and a handful of others) for providing an intelligent forum for those of us wishing to actually discuss as opposed to argue.

  2. I have nothing much to add, just that I concur with Mattt. I appreciate the blogosphere because people tend to respect the "atmosphere" of each blog, whether it's raunchy, cerebral, or somewhere in between. I'll take that over the "real" Jays MB on bluejays.com any day.

  3. Fuck all you guys! Cock!

    Meh, my opinion stands that NBA teams with high payrolls typically spend money because they believe they have a championship window. The high-payroll MLB teams spend all that money because they can. Like I said, if the Knicks were allowed to outbid everyone for LeBron and Wade in 2010, they would. Without a salary cap, the Knicks, Celtics and Lakers would be the Yankees, Red Sox and Dodgers of the NBA.



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