Friday, August 7, 2009

When You Grow Up, Your Heart Dies

Hey! Weekend at Bernies night at the Dome one day after John fucking Hughes dies! Exciting times. Ugh.

Excuse my cynicism eating my skepticism but, as I said back in April (when I made the same Weekend at Bernies joke) I can't muster up the courage to care. I'm more concerned, for the second time in a month, with beating the damn Orioles. Is this what's come to? Begging for the chance to hold off the OriLOLes as basement dweller? Sigh.

Luckily I have far more exciting things on my mind. Like Adam Lind and Aaron Hill. Honestly, how good a 2-3 punch is that? No matter how bad a defender Adam Lind is (worst in the league, says Baseball Digest Daily) these are two legit studs that we get to watch every day. Every single day! Both players have good chances to put their names on some all time Blue Jays lists for home runs and extra base hits in a season. Hill has an outside shot at 200 hits, a feat only 5 other Blue Jays have accomplished. As an aside, who might be the Jays single season hits leader? Vernon Wells with 215. I'll just scrape my mind up off the floor....

One more good thing to remember tonight while Rogers suits distract you from a disappointing year: Brett Cecil is awesome. He owns the O's (once, but that's enough for me) and will do so again tonight. Roccopolous is having a rather garbagey year (just like our version) and despite Adam Jones's awesomeness, the Orioles are still the O's. Go Jays.


  1. Aaron Hill and Adam Lind could be the heart of the order for this team for a long time to come, and cheaply too. Now if only Snider can live up to his potential and the Jays would have a 3-4-5 comparable to any team out there...

  2. I'd be more inclined to agree about Hill if he wasn't OBPing around .290 since the middle of May.

  3. Fuck Hill's OBP; he's a treat to watch.

    I'll just scrape my mind up off the floor....

    Vernon Wells. 215 hits. In one season. Unbelievable. I took "that" Wells for granted.

  4. This is why I like Hill as a #2 hitter--enough power to drive in Scutaro and you're not freaking out about his low OBP in front of your cleanup hitter.

  5. Also, fuck all time Blue Jays lists. Hill should be aiming for Hornsby, or at least Soriano.

  6. Corpse Rapers really needs to be used as a tag more often

  7. Come back. I need your take on the direction the Jays are taking. Please fill this void in my life when you have time...


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