Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just Remember, Part II

The Home Run Derby sucks, but the All Star game is — warts and all — awesome. Scott Rolen goes first to third then Matt Thornton enters the game; giving rise to extended Inception trailers? That is my idea of a good time.

Another thing to just remember: I called Joe Girardi a clown yesterday, way before he went out and proved his clowndom to the world. Remember to check out the Walkoff Walk live All Star glogcast - a cast of thousands riffing cheaply on whatever wanders before us like overfed veal calves.

Reuters image courtesy of Daylife.


  1. I hate the "what if" game, but can you imagine if the Jays' current number 9 hitter/defensive heart attack inducer was replaced in the lineup by a gold-glove third baseman with a 139 OPS+ so far this season? "Playoffs!!!1" might not be all that far-fetched. And the worst part is that he's the one who demanded the trade, so we can't even blame this one on inept management or anything... it's enough to induce a wistful sigh at the very least.

  2. I got pretty weepy watching the GBOAT last night. But Roy Halladay's appearance barely registered.

    Scott Rolen is all that is right with the stuff of baseball that happens between the lines. He's awesome.


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