Friday, July 9, 2010

The Détente Cycle

Just under two years ago, I publicly copped to going soft on the Yankees. The impending closure of old (real) Yankee Stadium and the Mo factor combined with the Yankees single season of mortality made it easy to focus my hate on the Red Sox.

Well, two years and three four? aces later, guess what? The Yankee hate is in full swing while the Red Sox limp into down, bloodied but unbowed. Maybe it's the bum rap given to the nerd-friendly "pitching and defense" offseason approach, but I feel pretty bad for the Red Sox. The fans don't travel like they did and my standard issue love of Adrian Beltre softens up my hatred for the Irish.

Jon Lester? Love him to pieces. Dan Bard? Be mine. Pedroia & Yook? You can still die in separate, non-consecutive fires. Did you know Daisuke Matsuzaka directly translates to "great sponge of all fun?" But, after all, this team willingly employed Rocco? How could I hate that?

Stepping into the Friday Rockout Void

The Tao's counterpoint to this post left a gaping hole in the Friday Rockout universe. So I'll step up and offer The Bronx "They Will Kill Us all Without Mercy" No subtext, just an awesome song from a great record.

Image courtesy of the Deist Review


  1. Coincidentally, "Separate, non-consecutive fires" was the title of my debut album.


  2. My Japanese friend tells me that the Kanji used for Dice K's name are the characters for "needle," "poke," and "eye."

    Of course, my Japanese friend is also sly and shifty.

  3. The sox and their fans will always be the most dispicable folk on the planet. Hands down. It's not even a discussion...

  4. just wait until Youk steps in with his penis face, huffing and puffing under the weight of his retarded stance, behaving like a fat kid who has been denied his third piece of cake whenever the ump makes a call he doesn't like ...

  5. ^^^^ What he said.

    PS. Great song.

  6. what the fuck I didn't know anyone else knew that track...newer album kinda blows though

  7. Rock out! Sometimes, I think people are sick of my musical choices, so I don't bother. But thanks for stepping into the musical void so loudly.

    As for softening on the Sox: Friday's game kinda knocked that out of me.


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