Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bait and Switch

Are you kidding me?

One can only speculate what this means, platoon-wise. Does Corey Patterson play right field against left handed pitching, with EE moving to first and Adam Lind moving somewhere far, far from the batters box? Mike McCoy? JOHN MACDONALD? What hath you wrought, Jose?

Just when I thought the team bought your silence about preferring the outfield, there you go, starting in right field. Not only have you ruined my infield AND outfield previews, you're going to kill poor Adam Lind. There is blood on your hands Jose. BLOOD. ON YOUR HANDS.

On the other hand...he just might.


  1. The idea of EE playing third isn't really all that crazy - he improved a lot in 2010 and if he's actually lost 15 pounds, maybe he'll be even more passable this year. And it's not like Bautista's career -9.6 UZR/150 at third base is a huge loss.

    But the timing is just bizarre. EE's played, what, two games at 3B this Spring? And Jose hasn't been in the outfield at all. So what triggered the change? Maybe Rivera's hurt, or some kind of trade is looming?

    I can't imagine that Juan Rivera will be the full-time DH, at least not for long. Something's gotta be up.

  2. I agree. The Slient Assassin has a new DH on the hook. TBA later today I bet.

  3. Booooo. The less EE the better.

  4. EE will be your favourite player by the end of the year. He's going to hit 50 home runs and everything is going to be okay.

    I do feel bad for Adam Lind, though.

  5. i'm torn on whether this has more to do with:

    1. the impeding arrival of Lawrie at 3B
    2. the impending trade to bring in a DH or 1B

    either way, this is not a terrible move for a rebuilding team. Rivera's value isn't going to improve much by playing him in the field, whereas E5 could conceivably impress and increase value to the team.

  6. This is just the line-up for opening day, with Lind at 1B and Rivera at DH. I'd hold off on thinking it's permanent for now.

  7. Nevermind, I just saw now that this is a permanent move.

    A few of questions:
    1. Has the 25 man roster been announced yet? Has Corey Patterson made the team?
    2. What's the status of Scott Podsednik? Will he start the season on the DL, get cut, other?

    I'd be surprised if these changes meant Lind will be platooned.

  8. Its always been Eddie's arm, hasn't it? How does losing 15 pounds stop you from throwing that tailing fastball right past poor mr Lind at first? And what are we paying Rivera 5 million bucks for again?

  9. They're paying Juan Rivera $5 million to not be Vernon Wells.

  10. Now throw this into the mix:

    Bluejays acquire Jayson Nix from Indians for cash considerations

  11. "How does losing 15 pounds stop you from throwing that tailing fastball right past poor mr Lind at first?"

    Maybe he doesn't have to throw around his belly anymore to get it to first?

  12. And so the rising of the Encarnacion Appreciation Society (EAS) begins!

  13. The Manute Bol ExperienceMarch 29, 2011 at 6:31 PM

    Fuck the heck? I assume Jayson Nix is just here until Patterson can play, but the rest of this sort of boggles the mind.

  14. Patterson is horrible. Here's hoping he's only around long enough until Pods comes back or Thames is ready make the step up. He's Rajah Davis without the skills. As for Encarnacion at Third, that's fine. It gives them a better offensive line-up and better defensive outfield with Bautista in Right. Would have preferred Lawrie to start the year with the big boys but oh well.

  15. This has more to do with how bad Rivera was in the OF this spring than how good E5 will be at 3rd


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