Monday, May 2, 2011

What is This I Don't Even

Wow Drew, I can't believe a month of the season is already gone. And what a month it was! The good players played good and the bad players played bad, wouldn't you say?

Hard to disagree with that Drew, though I'll surely try. Some might argue the collective braintrust isn't exactly putting the good players in "the best position to succeed." I suppose that is tough to do when the bad players outnumber the good and when the bad players put the team in such a position that the good players are simply left to pick up the pieces.

Speaking of which, how about the decision to send Travis Snider to the minors? That seems like a totally sensible move in line with the greater organizational philosophy...

..or it seems like a giant odious mess. What can they possibly know from a 100 PA chunk at the beginning of the season? Why the garbage about fielding a competitive club when clearly "getting something for nothing" is far, far further up the priority list?

At least it gave the team a chance to take a look at David Cooper! That's good, right? Always important to get a good look at a first-round pick, even if he's a vanilla white singles hitter without, it appears, an ounce of personality or power. Even his stance is boring! But yeah, anytime you can bring up Sean Casey without the glove, you have to do it.

Wow Drew, that's some next-level cynicism. Why don't you give Alex Anthopoulos the benefit of the doubt? He's clearly earned it, from you of all people. Why do you get so bent out of shape when Snider goes down but don't say much about Brett Cecil? Don't let the horses you clearly have in this race cloud your "unbiased analysis."

I'd love to give Anthopoulos the benefit of the doubt. I really would. In fact, I think I will.
I don't know that the challenges Cecil faces and the demons plaguing Snider are analogous situations, in the end. Maybe that's because of pitch f/x, where the struggles of Cecil are laid bare while everything around Snider is so touchy-feely.

In the end, I probably just want it more for Snider. I think he has a higher ceiling and, unabashedly, like him more as a player. Sue me.

You sure whine about the manager a lot. What's the deal? He really doesn't have much to work with as we discussed above.

Are you familiar with the saying "you gotta have the horses?" If you want your team to run and chug and go-go-go, you better have the horses. I appreciate the challenges an injured lineup present, but seriously, enough all ready.

Enough what? Now that Rajai Davis is back, Corey Patterson is safely secreted away at the bottom of the order. Davis even had a great series, despite your previously stated concerns.

The better Davis is, the better I feel about this season on the whole. No pressure.

What kind of positives have you taken from the first month of this season? Does anything warm the cockles of your cold, black heart?

Brandon Morrow is rather excellent. Travis Snider became a tidy little left fielder. Ricky Romero is excellent. Despite his fear of more than one inning outings, John Farrell (and the excellent bullpen corps) handles the bullpen with aplomb1. It is probably too soon to tell. They lost more games than they won. I think we should all get used to that.

1 - The kids call this a teaser.


  1. "But yeah, anytime you can bring up Sean Casey without the glove, you have to do it."


  2. Can you imagine if Bautista had to go on the DL and Lind was given a day off. Theoretically we could see a line-up like this:

    Rajai Davis - CF
    Scott Podsednik - LF
    Corey Patterson - RF
    Juan Rivera - DH
    Jayson Nix - 3B
    David Cooper - 1B
    Jose Molina - C
    Mike McCoy - 2B
    John MacDonald - SS

  3. Corey Patterson is safely secreted away at the bottom of the order.

    that is just wonderful.

  4. I can't believe I forgot my Fat Ichiro joke. I feel shame.

  5. Peter, that lineup makes me want to shudder. They must be collectively about -0.5 WAR.

  6. C'mon, is nobody curious about how Cooper may pan out? I like his plate demeanour, and .200 against the Yankees is about .150 better than the Great White Dope (Snider) would've hit.

  7. A lot of Cecil's issues, to me at least, were in his own head. His comments after his last game and also his twitter argument with a troll the day before also suggested that he was not exactly in the right place mentally. I'm totally fine with him going back down to build his confidence (and velocity) up, and he'll be back and succeeding in the majors again when he does so.

    Snider's struggles looked like a timing issue...something he would break out of with time. Kind of like last year. Sending him down seemed like a complete mistake.

    Peter, Bautista is out of the lineup today and it makes me wonder if the DL is a possibility. It's not quite as bad as your projected one today, but it's bad.


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