Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rocco Baldelli: Future Executive, Blue Jays Fan, Renaissance Man, Hero

In my wildest dreams you could add "Ghostrunner on First reader" to that list of Roccomplishments. There is a very low (but non-zero!) chance he reads this site, yet his comments on Twitter this morning dove tail nicely into my patience post from yesterday.

Rocco is, by all accounts, a very bright guy whose playing career might be over. Spending the bulk of his career in Tampa obviously gives him an up-close and personal appreciation for the Two Monoliths.

The Rays and Jays are becoming more and more similar each day while remaining diametrically opposed in others1. I have a all kinds of respect for the Rays — despite being an alleged hater — and feel pretty good about the Jays following their tack.

But this isn't about the Rays as a whole. It is about Rocco, who clearly gets my cards and letters. Colour me impressed.

1 - Michael Grange made a great point on Prime Time Sports yesterday, claiming the Jays may just be the most undervalued property in pro sports. The full package plus the gigantic latent fan base makes them a twoonie explosion waiting to happen.


  1. John Shannon sure doesn't like Travis Snider, does he?

  2. When they start talking baseball on PTS, Shannon would be better off putting down the headset and going for a stroll.


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