Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Minor League Depth or Sign of Real Progress?

Luckily this is the Age of Blue Jays Enlightenment, wherein we quickly dismiss minor league depth signings like Corey Patterson and move along. Depth signings are depth signings, only the Chicken Littlest among us sees them any different.

However, were this but a few short years ago, with a certain now-retired field boss who gladly shoved ill-fitting players into pre-determined roles with little in the way of reservations, I'd be terrified.

You can bet, starting in spring training and any time a starting outfielder missed time with so much as a hangnail, Corey Patterson would leadoff every single game until Alex Anthopoulos separated Corey's name from the lineup with a crowbar. And as Walkoff Walk determined long, long ago: you do not hit Corey Patterson leadoff.

But we know things now. No need to sweat Corey Patterson, he's just looking for a job. Clarence's meddling paws are long gone and playing kids is the priority. Besides, real Blue Jays fans have much bigger fish to fry.

Image courtesy of the Walkoff Walk t-shirt store, which pre-dates my time there.


  1. I'm not quite sure that we have reached the age of enlightenment just yet. Every year we seem to have fans screaming for the Jays to give a significant opportunity to players like Mike McCoy, Brian Dopirak, Randy Ruiz, etc.

  2. Well, even Cito didn't end up hanging on to Joey Gathwright so cooler heads will no doubt prevail.

  3. I think that T-shirt forgot to remove the word "leadoff".

  4. Really? John Farrell hasn't even filled out a lineup card yet and you're still taking parting shots at Gaston. Truly Sad.

  5. Yup, that's sad. Not leaving trollish comments at 9:30 on Christmas Eve. Definitely the first thing.


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