Friday, January 2, 2009

College Football, Friends Marathons, and Gimmicky Hockey Games

None of these things are remotely as interesting as the MLB Network. The MLB Network that I would have invested a good 30 or 40 hours in today. And there I was, lamenting my Canadian citizenship while not watching the MLB Network. No joke, I'm pissed.

The largely overblown Raptors/TSN 2 debacle helps crystallize the utter contempt television providers and the content providers feel for their customers and the incredible amount of entitlement the average fan has developed in a very short period of time. Falsely entitled as I am in most avenues of life, this is a certain exception. Here and now, I am announcing to all cable companies and television carriers that I will pay ANY PRICE for this television network. Damn my child's education, food, clothing, and general well-being. DON LARSEN'S PERFECT GAME DAMMIT. And that was their first day on the air!!! It will only get better, and be a continued respite from made-for-TV hockey tournaments/cottage industries (this just in: fuck junior hockey) and god-forsaken curling skins games.

I'm sure Rogers will finally make this available to us poor, downtrodden Canadians once they've figured out how best to maximize it as a revenue stream. The appetite for baseball in this country may not be as voracious as for other sports, but that is the beauty of specialty channels, isn't it? I will be stealing it from shady Chinese streaming websites in the meantime.


  1. How sad was it to go to over the past few days and see nothing but hype for the MLB Network.

    If Rogers can find the room for CBS College Sports TV and a seemingly infinite number of harness racing channels, you'd think they could free up a little space on a digital tier for the MLB Network.

    Of course, they could be trying to figure out whether to go ahead with their own Baseball Channel, for which they already have a license, or to just apply to carry the American feed...which would be way better. (Less chance of Jamie Campbell appearances.)

  2. I hope the shady Chinese streaming websites know just how much they are appreciated...

  3. Where do I find these seedy streaming sites?


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