Monday, January 12, 2009

Disappointment for Young & Old

Hey, Michael Young! I remember you spilling gallons of milk on your way out of town. Jays fans have spent a good 10 years crying over all that high quality wooyoo. But now, having been asked to move your immobile ass out of Elvis Andrus's way, you want out of Texas! For one, you should have begged out of Texas years ago for reasons too numerous to list, but your refusal to be a "team player" should stoke the fires of Blue Jays fans on the lookout for the next player who's name they don't have to bother learning.

Young's Overbay-esque 2008 (poor performance blamed on hand injury) has brought his value below zero. He just received a huge raise, despite being a sub-standard shortstop accompanied by offensive production in sharp decline. So please, Blue Jays fans, don't insist that JP could trade him for Jason Frasor and is incompetent for not doing so. Nobody is going near this guy for anything more than a song, and for good reason.

Somewhat Exciting Site News!

Hard to believe that it was one full year ago that today we chained the first monkey to the first stolen laptop with dreams of one day compiling the perfect listicle and/or adding sweet nuance to our particular brand of slander. Many things have changed along the way, and hopefully things will keep changing for the better (fingers crossed for fewer than 3 tenses per post in 2009. We can be doing thems!)

In honor of this meaningless milestone; I've opted for two different synopses of our year. The first you see above, as told by Walter and the Dude. Below I've selected one post from each month which has stuck out in my memory.

Thanks for reading etc for the past year, here's hoping for at least a couple more!


  1. Uh...excuse's "Gold Glove Winner" MIchael Young nowadays. Isn't that worth anything? What's that? Gold Gloves aren't worth the non-fair-trade chocoloate they're stuffed with? Oh. Oh well then.

  2. It sounds like Michael Young is a high-priced hooker with a venerial disease; too expensive, and nobody wants to go near him.

    BTW congrats on your 1 year anniversary. There is a DQ Ice Cream Cake in the mail dedicated to Rocco.

  3. I'd be writing up a bloviation on this right now if the damned site would let me log in. I have a rather tortured view on the whole thing.

    AH! there it is now! Off I go...

  4. At least his huge contract will keep him from pawning his hollow Gold Glove.

  5. I can't believe it's been a year since you came into my life.

  6. Apparently Young sucked it up and recinded his trade request.

    And congratulations on the year. A Day in the Existence was my favourite read on a blog all year. Well, that and the steroid challenge \debate over at DJF!

  7. Thanks Malcom! We'll keep doing our best!


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