Friday, July 24, 2009

The Phillies Aren't Phighting Phair

I'll have something intelligent to say soon about, um, something? But until then we need to recognize the depths to which the covetous-eyed corpse rapers (the body is still warm!) are willing to sink to land Roy Halladay.

Your move, fanboys. Turn this mother out.

Like any good moving picture, this comes courtesy of Meech and The Fightins!

UPDATE: Because that video will make you a little dumber, I encourage you read The Mockingbird's Jonathan Hale doing some amazing work at The Hardball Times. Marrying Pitch f/x and Hit f/x to determine what causes infield pop flys? That is some next-level shit, and I salute him for it. Must. Read.

Update number 2: Well, she took her video down. Instead I present a 12 year old kid from Jersey talking to the camera. His words, regarding the possibility of Roy Halladay becoming a Phillie:
That is fucking awesome.
It just might be, it just might be.


  1. Looks like a slut.

  2. i had the goins, my wife had the schimpfJuly 24, 2009 at 12:07 AM

    She makes a compelling case. I liked the part where she showed us her bikini best.

  3. I need to stay away from posts like these in the future. I nearly broke out when I saw those red pinstripes on Halladay at the end. And yes, I stayed till the end of the vid, as it compelled me throughout...

  4. It's going to sting like a mother fucker to see Doc in another jersey.

  5. I suddenly have a growing urge to cheer for the Phillies.

  6. All hail Hale.

    That piece was incredibly exciting, in that it was novel and it seems like it is just the tip of the iceberg. Cool.

    Oh yeah: Nice jugs.

  7. Hopefully some South Jersey underboob will salve the Halladay wounds.

  8. I think all trade negotiations should include bikini-clad women.


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