Friday, July 24, 2009

The Spoils of Failure

The Tao has his Friday Rock Out and Joanna of Hum & Chuck responded in turn. Your boy Eyebeleaf posted an inspiration video earlier this week, mustering up the gumption to get through this trying season. In the name of brand positioning and disappointment over losing the boobie video, I must throw my dirty hat in the ring. With a catch, of course.

This video isn't to make me feel better about the season or make sense of the seemingly senseless misinformation emanating from the front office. I don't care if JP stays or goes, no manner of ball washing of Gillick or lusting for Theo could have changed many of JP's choices. Every single team is attempting the same feat as the Jays, some are a little further up the curve than the Jays. Many, many teams are far behind. None of that matters in the end, because there isn't a damn thing we can do about it. But this video is not for them, or for me. It is for Roy Halladay.

If Roy Halladay really is to make his final start tonight against the reeling Rays, I want him to hurt them. I want him to listen to some of the doomiest, heaviest metal to ever come from Canada and go out with hate in his heart. I want him to stomp the life from their bodies and cut new orifices in which to violate them. When he walks off the field, I want him not to doff his hat, but give the official Roy Halladay cuteye to the nearest camera. Do it for yourself Roy, because no one else will.

I'm liveblogging the events tonight. Do stop by and make it a memorable one. Love to the Te of Inglett for the original image below.

Original Image courtesy of The Te of Inglett
The Blue Jays world will shout up "save us" and Roy will whisper "no."


  1. I'm coming to harass you on the live blog. Lucky boy.

  2. Halladay as Rorschach - brilliant!

  3. Here's hoping this isn't his last start...

  4. Royschach Halladay vs. JobaJay

    Who you got?

  5. K, my bad. Saw Doc throw two change ups in the 9th to the same batter-both for balls. They both looked better than I remember...

  6. I liveblogged a spring training start in which Halladay worked on his change exclusively. He got rocked but I know it's out there.

    JobaJay wins because of Photoshop prowess. My paint skills can't compete.

  7. It looks like a work in progress still, too much like his 2 seam, just slower. I'm sure within a few years he'll develop one of the best in the league. Knowing him as we Jays fans do, he's not going to be satisfied until he can throw it for strikes in any count. That's our Roy...


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