Saturday, July 11, 2009

God Bless the Orioles

The meth-addicted cousin that can't hold a job. The drunk guy on the subway that missed his stop. The friend that unironically quotes Austin Powers and insists on playing poker although he can barely count to 13. There is always someone around to make you feel better about yourself when you're feeling down.

One thing I'll say about the OriLOLs, they sure look good in a nice necktie.

Good thing hitting streaks are utterly pointless and silly, or else I'd be bummed that Scott Rolen's ended. Good thing.


  1. Cecil did pitch a great game. I agree the Orioles are the perfect team to play when you are slumping. They have this ability to always break a team out of their slump, but give the kid some credit. He did pitch really well and boy did we need it.

  2. Re: the post title, I was thinking that to myself this morning.


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