Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Bionic Style Like Steve Austin

Allow me to apologize straightaway for the nightmare fuel; it comes courtesy of Tug Haines, Meech and my friends at The Fightins.

A quick thought before this ship officially sails and the new Blue Jays epoch dawns. I find it quite strange that people are making noise (the bad kind) about the six million dollars the Jays sent along with Halladay.

This money, as it relates to 2010 and beyond, means nothing. Let it go. If it makes the Phillies more willing to part with valued prospects; so be it. It has no connection to unsigned draft picks, between monies given to Johnny Mac or not given to Bobby Abreu or whomever. This money is immaterial.

It isn't standing between the Jays and competing in 2010. It isn't going to impact the next draft or the next deal or the next anything. It is lubricant; grease to help extract three of the Phillies four best prospects.

Don't sweat this cash. Don't hold it up as reason to fault AA. There will be plenty of time for that once Kyle Drabek's arm falls off or Brett Wallace follows Beyonce into 2011 pear-shaped hell.

Update: Hey, look at that! Jeff "The Bavarian Bobsleigher" Blair returns in time to write a much better version of this very same post! Check it out.


  1. You're right, as is Blair, the money is a sign of commitment. It had to be included. I don't knock AA or the Jays for it, I just didn't see that happening: trading Doc, and including cash. And the cash being a GOOD sign.

    And that picture makes me rather sick.

  2. Why would people bitch about the money? If you could buy a team's top 10 prospect for a few million, wouldn't you?

    It's not your money...well, not really.

  3. Promise me that this will not be your only Brett Wallace/Beyonce comparison.

  4. I can absolutely promise that. Crazy in love - WITH CARBS!

  5. At least it wasn't the Yankees or Red Sox.

    And on the plus side, that's six million less the Jays can spend on the likes of Jack Cust and Darin Erstad.

  6. That picture haunts me. And I refuse to trade Halladay in MLB 09 The Show - he will always remain on the Toronto Blue Jays roster in my mind.

  7. Brett Wallace--thick thighs, no felonies. A great pick for the whites.

  8. Crap, I just realized that could have come off as a lame White Jays joke. It was a reference to the Racial Draft sketch. And now that I've ruined it, I will walk away in shame...


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