Friday, December 18, 2009

The Take

Poor, misguided soul Andrew wondered about the Halladay take in the comment section of the previous post. I can't even pretend to have any sort of prospect expertise/insight, but I'll offer my thoughts on the players coming this way based on the myriad reactions I've read online.

Brett Wallace

In my mind this pickup is impossible to dislike. As Keith Law said, he hits all pitches in all zones with no quarter given to lefties. There shouldn't be any concerns about his quote unquote bad body since it's nearly 2010. Guys that can hit are always important and will always have a home, no matter how bootylicious they might be. I doubt there's any question as to his ability to put up numbers at the big league level.

Defensively, I'm of two minds. Word is Wallace has steady hands, a strong arm and no range at third. Most people already have him playing first base. However, I'm not ready to close the book on him at the hot corner. If he develops into a "makes all the plays you expect" kind of guy, is that the worst thing in the world? Alex Gonzales isn't the rangiest shortstop around, but is it too much to hope for a plus shortstop to help take the burden off a league-average third baseman? Justin Jackson has decent Total Zone numbers in the minors, but will his bat allow him to rise to the big league level? (Answer: yes.)

The downside, and largest contributor to Wallace becoming the Jays shortstop third baseman of the future, is this. Put another way:
  • Brett Cecil - Throws Left
  • Marc Rzepczynski - Throws Left
  • Ricky Romero - Throws Left
  • Brad Mills - Throws Left
  • Brian Tallet - Throws Left
  • David Purcey - Throws Left
More left-handed pitching means more right handed batters faced. More righties = more importance of quality third base defense.

If the Jays move Adam Lind to first convert or anyone other than Wallace for 2011; they stand to have weak corner defense countered but excellence up the middle. While a decent idea, I'm not sure you can get away with two mediocre or less-than-rangy guys on the RC turf. One sure. Two, I dunno.

Kyle Drabek

Tommy John? A mere formality in this day and age. Temperament issues? He's a pitcher, who cares? Dave Stieb was the biggest prick in town, but dude was great. Stuff? Unless I read with much less prejudice in the winter than the summer, I think Drabek's stock rose as summer turned to autumn. People are projecting him as close to a top of the rotation kind of guy. Awesome! Two good pitches with a third on the way? A good Arnsberging will coach that third pitch up to speed two pitches are plenty!!!

There is a lot to like about Drabek. Pedigree (less than meaningless!), ground balls, home run suppression, control. All things you'd like to see from a 22 year old. Will he make the big club next year? I doubt it. I'm sure AA is a Super Two hawk and the earliest we'll see Drabek is September 2010.

Travis D'Arnaud

Catcher Of The Future! Who knows? Throw some chicken blood on the floor, smear in the some tea leaves. The COTF's RC+ will be revealed!

Like all COTF, he can hit but has shitty footwork and suspect mechanics. Alex Anthopoulos buys his first ticket in the COTF lottery.

Other Stuff

With this week consumed by Harry LeRoy Halladay, I put off a pretty cool post. Please check back Monday for some exclusive goodness here at Ghostrunner on First. I swear it will be worth it. You may look at The Manager in a whole new light.

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  1. Christmas comes early (ie: Monday), can't wait... unless you've pulled the ultimate reversal and have switched allegiances to Team The Manager. Can't handle. I need a villain.

    Also, I've determined "gives no quarter" is criminally underused. I will steal, repeat, and possibly deny required h/t's.

  2. Your choice of post photography is always on point. Bootylicious might have to be Wallace's nickname. Interesting insight into how many cats throw left-handed on this team, and how that relates to needing a solid 3B. Oh, Scott Rolen. Can't wait until Monday...

  3. Drew, you raise an interesting point that I forgot about until now.

    What if Arnsberg were still around? He could work with Drabek to make him unstoppable.

  4. "The downside, and largest contributor to Wallace becoming the Jays shortstop of the future, is this."

    I think there are probably bigger reasons that Wallace will not be the Jays shortstop of the future.

  5. Whoops. Good catch Peter. Fixed.

  6. Please tell me you have an exclusive interview with a bartender in Seattle who hooked up with Cito thinking he was Tiger.

  7. OK, now I can use the "thick thighs, no felonies" line. Geeyad!

  8. If this Monday post turns out to be influenced by your re-reading of Batman: Year One, I will be very, very pleased. Giddy pleased.


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